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Frutopia slot, from Tom Horn Gaming, was launched at the end of 2021 to resounding success. Tom Horn Gaming believes simplicity in the classics is the winning formula for developing a gambling games slot. Slot gamers prefer a game that is easy to use and delivers on the game’s premise – no bells or whistles. Straightforward winning.

What do people ask about Frutopia casino slot?
🥝 Where to play Frutopia free slot DEMO?

Click on the link and enjoy Frutopia DEMO version!

🥝 What is the volatility level of Frutopia game?

The volatility of this casino slot game is from low to high level. Read out more about slots volatility in our prepared review.

🥝 Does Frutopia online slot machine has Free Spins?

✅ Yes! You can try out this feature in DEMO version!

🥝 Does Frutopia online slot have special features?

Yes! Most exciting is Green & Red energy cores! Try out the free play DEMO version!

🥝 What is the RTP percentage of this Tom Horn Gaming casino game?

The slot game by Tom Horn Gaming has a 92.08% of RTP rate. Read more about the best RTP slots here!

Featuring a standard 3 rows with 3 reels, Frutopia stuns with great graphics and is a favourite amongst first-time gamers. The detailed information section, in the top right-hand corner, is most useful and explains the bonus options very well. The fruit slot game is available on all mobile and PC platforms across all the app stores.

Frutopia casino slot game - Game MechanicsFrutopia game mechanics

Frutopia is a non-progressive standard 3 rows 3 reels slot game. With a minimum bet of 0.10 EUR, you can keep spinning winning combinations up to 125 paylines. The fruit symbols start with the lower symbols of cherry, lemon, and orange, with the highest ranking fruit being the watermelon. It also features a 7, 777 and golden bell. The game offers five levels, which have a different combination of winning symbols.

Frutopia slot game free spins feature

Frutopia is available in the following languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Greek
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Estonian
  • Croatian
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • South Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Malaysian
  • Icelandic
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovakian
  • Finnish
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish

The red and green Frutopia bars indicate the progress through each level. The red bar indicates the number of lives, with the lack of a winning combination in a spin resulting in a loss of life. This can be prevented by landing the Green Energy Core symbol. The goal is to complete all the sections of the green bar on each level. The green bar grows when you land on a Green Energy Core symbol.

The 5 paylines are not fixed, giving you the option to regulate how many you play. Stakes start at 10c and can go as high as 100 EUR. The wager amount and paylines can be adjusted in the bottom right-hand corner. Landing your winning fruit is easier with the Wild symbol, which substitutes any symbol to make a winning payline.

Frutopia slot machine game special symbolsFrutopia slot Special Symbols

The Energy Core symbols are connected to the red and green energy bars at the top of the screen. To give you a sense of competition, you get the green bar that shows your progress through the levels and is lengthened with every Green Energy Core symbol you land. The red energy bar does the opposite, with the Red Energy Core symbols robbing you of your progress through the level.

Frutopia delivers winnings in a slow and steady format with high volatility; the odds are better when you win smaller amounts over a longer period. There are opportunities to win big with the special random multiplier. Line up five matching symbols, and you trigger the Frutopia symbol. Your winnings can be multiplied by two, three, five, or seven.

The Gamble bonus game is available after every win and triggered every time you match three, four, or five symbols. The bonus feature chooses the card symbol or the ladder symbol. The card symbol lets you predict if the next card will be black or red, where you stake half your winnings.

Frutopia online slot game is high volatility slot

You can win double your money, or you can lose half your earnings from that round. The ladder icon allows you to bet half your round winnings, with the winning reward determined on which ladder rung you land.

The Wild symbol allows you to substitute any of the fruit icons to ensure you get a win.

As a bonus, the Free Spins option is initiated by reaching the 5th level of the Fruitopia and completing the green bar. 10 Free Spins are played with the same betting amount that triggered the win. Once the free spins are complete, the game resets, and you start at level 1 again.

Online slot casino game Frutopia - what makes this game special?What makes Frutopia game special?

Frutopia might appear to be just another classic slot game with nothing special, especially if you are a seasoned slot player who lives for the big wins. However, some features make it an evergreen favourite amongst slot game fans.

This game is a modern take on an established theme. The crisp, clear graphics hold their own in adding to the longevity of your playtime. If you play for long periods, this is the game to do it on. The gameplay is smooth and glitch-free, with free demos available at all major online slot casinos. It’s even available on PC and mobile, meaning you can take your gaming everywhere.

10 Free Spins are triggered once the player has completed the 5th level, which allows more winning options at the same stake as the previous round.

The bonus gambling round is for the tough-as-nails gamers: those who are all-in with the risk of losing all the winnings from the round. Choosing between a red or black card or landing on a random ladder rung will keep those hardened gamers returning for more action.

The Wild symbol increases your winning chances every time you land one.

Frutopia online slot machine betting limits and winningsFrutopia slot betting limits and winnings

Betting limits start at 0.10 EUR and max out at 100 EUR. There is no jackpot round, but the Gamble bonus game and the Wild symbol allow for regular winnings with this high volatility game.

Maximum winnings clock out at 900 EUR to date, but with an average of x3190 your initial bet, you have an above-average chance of winning big. The secret with slot games is to spin until you can’t spin anymore.

Frutopia slot machine game RTP is 92.08%

The RTP is at an average of 92.08%, which is not the best in terms of winning percentage in slots. Your personal goal in playing this game is much more important than the RTP. Do you want to win big in a short amount of time, or will you keep playing more long-term?

If you only want to play once, choose a game with low volatility that doesn’t offer any jackpots or bonus rounds. Long-term players pick the jackpot offering slots that can replenish losses. That is where the RTP comes in handy. Smaller, regular wins are the way to build a healthy bankroll.

We hope that you liked this Frutopia slot review and tried free play DEMOFrutopia slot game conclusion

Frutopia, created by Tom Horn Gaming, offers a new take on an old theme, but it’s a winner with fantastic graphics and that old-time nostalgia factor. You will keep returning for more of the shiny sugary fruits on display, winning modestly to keep adding to your ever-growing bankroll.

The edgy Gamble bonus round swirls the blood in the water to keep the thrill seekers coming back. The secret multiplier will infuse mystery throughout the game, and beginners will enjoy the ease of playing. It has a good winning potential for a slot game.

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