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Jumanji slot is a video game from NetEnt. It’s based on the original 1995 movie and brings a new twist by using the calamities that Alan Parrish faced as slot mechanics. This is a 5-reel video slot with 4 random features, which will be discussed in this review. We’ll also take a look at the game mechanics, features, special symbols, and potential winnings.

Jumanji slot game Gameplay Special Effects Fun to Play

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

The 5 reels for the Jumanji slot are laid out in a geometric shape, and the pattern is 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 symbols high across the board. However, there’s a twist to the layout. NetEnt has allowed for 36 different paylines, with fixed bet levels of 1-10.

The slot is also designed with a Mystery Feature, 4 types of Free Spins, extra dice rolls, and coins. The various features help to keep the player excited, and this is Jumanji; after all, NetEnt doesn’t want to make things too easy.

The Board Game feature of this slot is unique to the game, and Jumanji is one of the first slots to combine the elements of board games into the Free Spins feature. One thing that NetEnt has made an effort with is the theme and artistry of this slot. The polished level of graphics, animation, and sound brings the jungle theme to life. You’ll also see various jungle creatures both around the boards and as slot symbols.

Jumanji slot game Wild Symbols win

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

The symbols for the Jumanji slot are relatively basic, as the main focus is on the Wild symbols, film features, and the leading Board Game feature. However, we’ll mention the other standard symbols so that you know what to expect from the game.

The Lion is the most valuable symbol in this game, and if you land a win with these, you can collect up to a maximum of 140 credits. The lowest valued symbol is Jack, which only yields two credits for a match of 3 icons.

The other symbols to be found are Rhinos, Crocodiles, and Pelicans, and you’ll also see the standard suite symbols A, J, Q, and K. The additional bonus symbols are the Wilds or Scatter symbols, which we’ll discuss later on.

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Slot games iconWhat Makes This Game Special

“Wild Stampede” feature

The fantastic thing about this slot is that NetEnt has chosen its theme and ran with it. Film fans will recognize some of the unique features as famous scenes from the 1995 picture. The ‘Wild Stampede’ sees rhinos spread across the reels while the wheel spins, and this will add between 4 and 9 Wild symbols into play.

Jumanji slot game Wild Stampede feature - Mobile gameplay

“Monkey Mayhem” feature

The ‘Monkey Mayhem’ feature will award potential wins even after the wheel has stopped. The symbols that remain are randomly shuffled to switch for a guaranteed win. This is a brilliant feature that can happen randomly at any point during the game, giving you an extra chance to win.

“Monsoon Wilds” feature

With the ‘Monsoon Wilds’, one or two of the reels are completely covered with Wild symbols while the reel is spinning. This is a particularly memorable and famous scene for anyone who knows about the Jumanji film. The Monsoon Wilds is a random feature and can be triggered at any time during the game.

“Sticky Vines” feature

The final feature, the ‘Sticky Vines’, causes any wins or wild symbols from the initial spin to stick in place, while the rest of the symbols are spun again to potentially create further winning combinations.

This feature will be triggered if there are at least 2 bet line wins on the initial spin. Re-spins will also be awarded at this point to increase your probability of winning. The Sticky Vines feature will continue to spin until there are no more new winning symbols, or until the full game grid is filled.

Board Game feature

Jumanji slot game Jumanji Board game

The most prominent feature of the Jumanji slot is the unique Board Game feature. This will be triggered if 3 or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on your board during play. This won’t be missed easily, as the Scatter symbols are represented by the Jumanji Board Game.

When triggered, you will move the board token by rolling the two dice. The number of dice rolls available to you is dictated by the amount of Scatter symbols you had. 3 Scatter symbols will allow you 6 dice rolls, four symbols will yield seven dice rolls, and 5 symbols will give you 8 dice rolls.

Free Spins features

The prizes available involve a variety of Free Spins. Vine Free Spins will give you 10 Free Spins, one of which can have multiple additional re-spins, giving you an even better outcome. As with the Sticky Vines, the Wild symbols will be held in place until the Vine Free Spins are completed.

Monsoon Free Spins will give you 7 Free Spins. These will work in the same way as the Monsoon Wilds feature, with the exception that the same covered reels are not available for consecutive Free Spins.

Monkey Free Spins give you 6 Free Spins that work in the same way as the Monkey Mayhem feature.

Stampede Free Spins give you 5 Free Spins that work in the same way as the Wild Stampede feature.

Jumanji slot game Board game Free Spins

Casino Free Spins and multipliers are a little different from the other prize options. If you land on the ‘Mystery Feature Location,’ then this Mystery Feature prize is triggered. Inside the Jumanji circle will be a carousel with spinning prizes. Depending on where this lands, you may receive Free Spin features, coin wins between x2 and x10 your initial bet, or extra dice rolls.

Slot games iconBetting Limits and Winnings

Before you begin, you need to decide how high to place your bet. You can adjust your wager at the bottom of the grid using the Level and Coin Value tabs. The betting limits have a reasonably wide range, allowing you to place bets between €0.10 and €200. The paylines are created with fixed bet levels, so it’s relatively straightforward to place your bets for this game. The RTP of the Jumanji video slot is in the average range with 96.33%.

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Slot games iconConclusion

NetEnt has created something new and different for this game. The theme is evident in every aspect, from the symbols to the Wild features and the Board Game. It’s a unique slot with ideas that haven’t been seen before. This is a must-play for any fans of the film, or anyone looking for a new and exciting slot to play either for money or for free.

Jumanji slot game Mega Win

So dive in, because as NetEnt tells us, “once you roll, there’s no turning back.”

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