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Reactoonz 2 is a long-awaited sequel to a 2017 Reactoonz slot which was one of the most popular grid slots ever. Knowing that the original Reactoonz was a stunner, Play’n GO put a lot of effort into making a new edition even better than the first one.

Reactoonz 2 slot game Gargantoon Wild

The new Reactoonz 2 is packed with new exciting features and can offer lots of action in a single spin. It can be played from any device, including mobiles in the mobile casinos online. The bet sizes go from as low as 0.20€ to as high as 100€, the RTP of this slot is 96.2% and the max win potential is set to 5,083x.

If you would like to find out more about this slot, feel free to continue reading and always gamble responsibly!

Slot games iconHow does this slot works?

At the first glance, Reactoonz 2 could seem quite confusing. There is a lot of action happening and sometimes it could become difficult to keep up with it.

If you ever played the original Reactoonz then it should be quite simple to catch the point. Both of these games have a 7×7 grid, both of them are set in a cosmic theme and have a zippy soundtrack.

The idea of this online casino games are to trigger clusters, fill the Quantumeter and get the Gargantoon. In order to trigger the cluster, five or more matching symbols needs to connect in any way, vertically or horizontally.

Reactoonz 2 slot game Wild

In addition, there are Wild symbols in this slot that can replace any other symbol and trigger even bigger cascades. Some of the Wilds might be uncharged in the beginning so they do not really do anything and in order to charge and make them electric there needs to be a win happening next to them.

Another way to win electric Wilds is by filling Fluctometer. This can be done by winning with fluctuating symbols and these symbols might change every spin.

Slot games iconSymbols

In Reactoonz 2 there are eight different symbols available. Four of them are premiums and the other ones have a lower value. Below you can see all of them together with their payout values.

As you can see, a two-eyed pink symbol has the highest value and if you would trigger a cluster with more than 15 of them, you would win at least 500x immediately. A one-eyed yellow symbol has the lowest value and even if you would hit 15+ of them, you would only win 3x.

Reactoonz 2 slot game PayTable

Slot games iconBonuses

The main difference between Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2 online slots is the number of bonuses available. While at the original version there was only one bonus feature available, in the second edition there are 4 of them and further, we will explain all of them:

  • 1 Level – 4 symbols of 1×1 Energoon Wilds – to get that you will need to collect 55 charges;
  • 2 Level – single 2×2 Energoon Wild – 85 charges to get this one;
  • 3 Level – single 3×3 Gargantoon Wild – 110 charges to get it;
  • 4 Level – adds a 2x multiplier for all wins with Gargantoon – 135 or more charges to get a 2x multiplier and Garga.

If you reach either Level 1 or Level 2, the Quantumeter can be recharged once again with more symbols. Once you reach level 3, the Garga comes out and after this level, you will not be able to recharge the meter. Obviously, the main goal is to reach Level 4 and get not only Gargantoon but a 2x multiplier as well.

It is worth mentioning, that if you manage to reach at least Level 3 then after Garga comes out each level plays out consecutively. That means that if you reach Level 3 or 4 then you will experience Level 2 and Level 1 all in one spin.

Slot games iconSpecial Features

As we mentioned before, Reactoonz 2 is packed with exciting features and it is important to know what of each them do and how do they work. Down below we will explain all the features available at this slot:

  • Cascading feature – this feature is triggered when you get a winning combination. Winning symbols are removed from the grid and new symbols replaces them. This feature will continue until no more new wins are created;
  • Fluctometer feature – this is a circle in the top right corner of the grid. For every spin a game will choose a symbol to be fluctuating. If these fluctuating spins create a winning combination – it will charge the meter. When it’s full, you will randomly get either 1, 2 or 3 electric wilds;
  • Quantumeter feature – it’s where Energoon and Gargantoon lives. The Quantumeter shows how much charges you have – 55 of them are needed to reach bonus Level 1 while Level 4 requires at least 135 charges;
  • Wild Pair Explosion – this feature is triggered when 2 or more electric wilds remain on the grid and they do not create a winning combination. If there are 2 electric wilds next to each other, they will destroy every symbol on the grid excluding other wilds. Wild Pair can also draw a line and destroy all the symbols on that line. Destroyed symbols will charge the Quantumeter.

Even though some of the features might sound confusing, but after trying this slot for just a couple of minutes you will be able to understand how do they work.

Reactoonz 2 slot game Super Big Win

Slot games iconFinal word

Reactoonz 2 was a long-awaited slot from Play’n GO studios after a huge success of the original Reactoonz. All of the gamblers had very high expectations for this game and it is safe to say that it did not let us down.

It keeps the charm of the original Garga and adds some new features to make the gameplay even more exciting. We can definitely see Reactoonz 2 becoming one of the most popular slots at least in 2020 and if you are a fan of slots then this is the one you check out at the top of the page sooner or later. Try this Reactoonz slot DEMO at the top of this page!

What do people ask about the Reactoonz 2 slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Reactoonz 2 online casino slot machine?

This is a cluster game. It means that you need to connect five or more matching symbols vertically or horizontally.

❓ What is the Reactoonz 2 slot RTP?

The RTP of this slot game 96.2%.

❓ What is Reactoonz 2 online video slot volatility level?

The volatility level of this slot game is rated as HIGH.

❓ What is the bet limits of Reactoonz 2 online casino game?

The bet sizes go from as low as 0.20€ to as high as 100€.

❓ What is the maximum win on Reactoonz 2 casino slot?

The max win potential is set to 5,083x.

❓ What are the special features of the Reactoonz 2 video slot?

The main difference between Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2 is the number of bonuses available. While at the original version there was only one bonus feature available, in the second edition there are 4 of them and further, we will explain all of them in this Reactoonz 2 slot review.

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