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The 7 Monkeys slot machine belongs to the best-known Pragmatic Play games. It was launched in 2015, and at that time, its graphics were awesome. Virtual 7 Monkeys like these real crazy jungles’ creatures open their mouths, when the player manages to win even a cent, and when it comes to a huge prize, a real fiesta starts! Funny game animations together with the sounds that can be heard only in the wild life create the atmosphere of a true adventure. Those who join funny colorful animals will never forget this “tour”, especially if it ends with the participant’s victory!

What do people ask about 7 Monkeys slot game?
❓ How many paylines have 7 Monkeys video slot machine?

7 Monkeys slot machine is based on 7 paylines.

❓ What is the 7 Monkeys slot RTP?

This slot game RTP is 92.71%.

❓ What is the bet limits of 7 Monkeys slot game?
  • The minimum bet is 0.07 EUR;
  • The maximum bet is 35 EUR.
❓ What is the maximum win on 7 Monkeys slot machine?

When you gamble from the maximum bet your maximum win could be 750 EUR.

❓ Is the 7 Monkeys slot game has Free Spins feature?

✅ Yes! Find out all detailed information about the Free Spins feature in this 7 Monkeys slot machine.

One can dive into the fun of this game launching it on Android or iPhone. Computer users can open it in a browser and play the slot in Demo mode or make real money bets.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

7 Monkeys “live” on 5 reels and 7 lines. When the player wishes to start this fun, he opts:

  • To click the sign of 2 round arrows to begin with the smallest default bet;
  • To click “+” and choose the bigger bet;
  • To choose “-” to lower the bet;
  • To pick the Autospin mode, where the number of reels rotation can be installed. In the 7 Monkeys slot, the maximum number of spins reaches 1000!

Naturally, if the latter (max number of Automatic spins) is chosen, the person has to have enough money on his player’s account. Otherwise, these will be 2 results — either the game will be not started, or it will be stopped when the money comes to the end (in the case of a loss).

Besides, Turbo Spin or Fast game modes can be chosen. This options can be tried in Demo mode (to watch how the function works or when the player simply loves fast games). However, real professionals and fans of true gambling process will never lose the opportunity to change bet’s size each time they rotate the reels.

Each time when some event takes place (if the player gets a win), it is shown on the screen. English is used as a default setting, but the game can also use German, Italian, Spanish and other languages.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

The symbols presented in this online slot game are 7 Monkeys and a pack of bananas which is the Scatter. It might seem that the Pragmatic Play company “forgot” about its traditional icons’ versatility and decided not to include any cards or other characters into the game. However, monkeys are so different and they make so funny grimes that each player simply forgets about possible presence of the icons of a different type.

7 Monkeys slot game Three Scatters symbols give you Free Spins

The Wild (a big baboon monkey making faces) traditionally replaces other symbols and helps the player to win bigger sums. When it “works” (forms a winning combination), the monkeys presenting these symbols show teeth and the sum of the win. Scatters help the gamer to receive up to 150 free spins and a 3x multiplier. Besides, Scatters let the player get into a Bonus round, which is the part of the gaming process, where the player can win much more than in the main 7 Monkeys game.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

As it was already mentioned, only monkeys’ characters plus bananas are used in the game. No other symbols are used. If the person learns about this slot feature before he tries the game, he might seem that the gameplay is a bit monotonous. To his surprise — when he decides to make at least several free spins in Demo mode — he will see that the game is true excitement. Watching how monkeys of different bright colors make funny faces and grimace all the time without stopping, he will forget about monotony and enjoy the game.

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

All winning combinations are formed here starting from the leftmost reel. To get them, the player must see three or more similar characters on the payline. The design of the icons presented by the images with monkeys will never distract the person from the gaming process. Accompanied by the themed music, he will enjoy his virtual adventure.

As for the game start, all 7 lines stay active during the game and the player who picks settings can change only the bet size. It varies between 1-10 coins per line, therefore, 7-70 coins are minimal and maximal bets here. It might seem to be a small stake (even the largest bet size) until the player remembers about the role of Scatters and Wilds, which makes the gaming process more exciting and gives the player generous awards.

Regarding the game characters, their combination awards the gamer as follows:

  • 3-4-5 Multicolored baboons (Wilds) brings 50-400 or even 1500 coins;
  • Yellow monkeys give 20-50 or 150 coins;
  • Blue and Green monkeys add 3-15 or 50 coins;
  • Pink and Orange monkeys give him 3, 5, or 15 coins;
  • Scatters do not bring money, but let the player make spins for free.

7 Monkeys slot game Big Win

Although there is no jackpot here, and the slot RTP is more than 92%, it is simple to win the largest 1500 bets prize here.

Slot games iconConclusion

The Pragmatic Play 7 Monkeys slot is highly appreciated by fans of bright animated gaming machines with the captivating gameplay and striking beautiful design. The chance of winning 150 Free Spins here is a very attractive option. Besides, the game is not overloaded with complicated extra functions, bonus or risk rounds, “game-in-a-game” feature, and it appeals to beginners, who just start making their first steps into the world of online gambling.

If the player makes friends with colorful funny monkeys living not in jungles, but on the reels of the popular Pragmatic Play slot, he will return to their company many times playing at his favorite online casino.

7 Monkeys slot game Wild Symbols Win

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