Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot game – How to play and Where to play?

Aloha slot is Cluster pays game by NetEnt is a video slot game that follows in its tradition of well-crafted designs. Transporting you to Hawaii, with incredibly peaceful vibes, this 6 reels and 5 rows Cluster Pay Slot stands on its own amidst many other games granting you the opportunity to line up fruits, flowers, and mystical statues to win big.

Best casino to play Aloha! Cluster Pays slot

With the usual Free spins from NetEnt, this standalone game has great potential to earn you some grand prizes. Along with the substitution symbols provided, the game tends to produce more success than failure and potential for big wins!

Aloha slot game Gameplay Win

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

Aloha slot design is straightforward. On the bottom left exists a purple number signifying how much you have to bet. To the right, you’ll will find a scale which you use to increase the multiplier for the coin’s value. Further that way, there is an autoplay option, with which you can set the game to keep spinning for up to 25 times.

Of course, in the center, there is a spin button with a green with a revolving symbol on it. For a nice bonus, there is also a max bet, giving you the opportunity to high every single spin. Finally, the last thing on the control pad is the coin value meter. Here you can go from .01 value to 2.0, giving you the most possible control over your bet.

Aloha slot game Symbol Payout values

Below the control panel, there are also essential functions like changing the volume, which should be raised as high as possible in our opinion. Also, there is a convenient display showing how much you’re betting. Also, there is a green I button that provides you the necessary information to start playing the game in a graphically appealing way.

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Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

Aloha divides its symbols into two categories. The mystical Tiki statues provide the higher wins, from 30 at the base with the red, and 20 for the blue and red, and the natural fruits or flowers that grand a base total of five per symbol making the lowest win 45, and the highest 300,000.

In Aloha slot, there are two sorts of unique types, the first of which is the substitution symbol. When there is a winning cluster, the piece will automatically turn into the highest possible slot to increase your earnings without any deduction for being a substitute.

The Hawaiian beach themed Free spins are the best ones to get in comparison with the substitutions. When three of them appear on your screen, you just lucked out! What proceeds to happen then is all the low-value symbols drop out, leaving you with a higher winning chance.

Aloha slot game Free Spins Win

Now, what is even better about these spins is, it keeps going until you have received a winning hand within the free spins that you get. Three tokens equal nine free tries, 4 equals 10, and so on. The game also throws in a 2-in-1 symbol for a little spice, which also increases your chances of having a win.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special

Many slot video games are based around superheroes, historical figures, and sexy ladies in the wild west. Well, this one takes you on a peaceful trip to Hawaii. The soothing colors, music, and design make you feel total contentment with yourself and offer a pleasant experience while playing.

NetEnt did a good job, especially with the color theme of the game. The color is neutral and peaceful, showing the designer was not slacking off with this game. Beyond that, the six-reel and the five-row system is unique to this game. This opens up different win chances than most slots provide.

Aloha slot game Re-spin Win

The Sticky win feature randomly occurs after a winning hand. The feature provides a second chance to increase your winning by spinning anything around the winning cluster. If any more symbols are added to the group by the second spin, the system turns again until no more new pieces are added to the main bunch.

Slot games iconBetting limits and winnings

Of course, we need to discuss what happens when betting in this game. NetEnt made this game with low volatility, which is great for keeping down to earth with your wagers. The minimum bet comes it at €0.10 while the maximum bet is €200. It’s quite a big gap, but it allows for a wide variety of options.

Best casino to play Aloha! Cluster Pays slot

The RTP is quite high at 96.42%. The game at its best will give you a 2000 multiplier of your original bet, but with its low volatility, it isn’t prone to giving huge wins. However, there is an excellent chance to get 60 Free spins, balancing out its lower return.

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Slot games iconConclusion

Aloha! Cluster pays slot game Compatible for mobile devices

To wrap up this review, it is clear this game has a friendly vibe to it. Aloha slot sticks to a simple, easy-to-understand structure. Playing the game for the first time was very intuitive, and the wins felt very rewarding, with the cool fires radiating from the symbols. Overall, we would encourage anyone who enjoys poker to check this NetEnt title out if they want variety in their slot experiences.

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