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Cloud Quest slot is one of the fantasy arcade casino games online. It is developed by Play’n GO. The action takes place in a fantastic city in the cloud. To win as much as possible, you need to get superpowers, kill all the monsters, and raise your skill level. The player is assisted by the Samurai, Mage, and Warrior.

What do people ask about the Cloud Quest online slot?
❓ How many paylines have Cloud Quest slot game?

This slot game is 5×5 grid, which features epic combat sessions and innovative gameplay. Its larger slot size gives you 243 ways to get a winning combination.

❓ What is the Cloud Quest RTP?

RTP of this slot game is rated as 96.52%. Check it yourself and try Cloud Quest slot free play DEMO at the top of this review page.

❓ What is Cloud Quest online slot volatility level?

The volatility of this casino game – high level.

❓ What is the bet limits of Cloud Quest casino game?

The slot machine lets you bet from 0.10 to 40 euros.

❓ What is the maximum win on Cloud Quest video slot?

The maximum possible win is 2,500x your bet!

❓ What are the special features of the Cloud Quest slot machine?
  • Wild symbol;
  • Super Power feature;
  • Bonus Round where you can win Free Spins;
  • Level UP feature.

Read more information about these special features in our Cloud Quest slot review.

Read Cloud Quest slot review and find out everything about game mechanicsGame mechanics

Do you have what it takes to be a guardian of the sky? Kill primitive monsters and become a Celestial Warrior. It is the perfect game if you are looking to have a lot of fun and have an adventure in the clouds.

Cloud Quest slot game Gameplay

It is full of pleasant surprises and wins that can bring to life your most unearthly fantasies. It is one of the best bitcoin casino slots available on the Internet. But before you start the quest, read this review to see what you can expect from this exciting game.


Cloud Quest is a video slot with a 5×5 grid, which features epic combat sessions and innovative gameplay. Its larger slot size gives you more ways to get a winning combination. Another remarkable feature of this game – cascading drums, reminiscent of the gameplay Tetris. But, unlike Tetris, the symbols of the winning combination are not replaced until you collect all possible combinations on the reels.

Before you start playing:

  1. Change your bet or coin size.
  2. Choose 0.10 as the lowest coin and 3 as the highest coin by clicking the symbols “+” and “-“.
  3. Click on the “Start” icon to start the game. If you want to continue the game without clicking on the “Start” button a few times, activate the game’s Autostart function.

It allows the drums to rotate a specified number of times automatically.

However, do not take your eyes off the game screen. See if you can win a prize of 1000 coins, which will be activated when you happen to clear the whole grid. It lets you win the best slot payouts online!

Graphics and sounds

Play’n GO will not disappoint you with aesthetic quality slot Cloud Quest. The game revolves around the theme of heavenly warriors. Each hero and monster is created in detailed and colorful 3D graphics. This additional touch of realism makes this slot in the fantasy theme more attractive.

Cloud Quest slot game Bonus Spin

Epic background music causes thrills and expectations when you play a game. When you enter the bonus round, the background changes to a fiery underground world. All these elements make the game more exciting.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

This Play’n GO slot also gives you random superpowers using the power indicator. The counter is filled when you get a combination of three, four, or five power Stone symbols. Below are superpowers that give you an advantage when spinning the reels.

  • Five luck – multiplies your winnings by 5.
  • Stamina Symbol – activate this feature so that the Wild symbol stays until it hits the combination.
  • Scatter of Success – symbols can act as a Scatter when you get the Scatter of Success.
  • The sign of the set – this function creates a Wild symbol for a winning combination.

Another notable feature of this game is the bonus game “Second screen”.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

There is always a “Bonus” line on the game’s background, which randomly changes its position. If you manage to clear this line, the bonus round of free spins is triggered.

At the beginning of the bonus round, you randomly get 5-20 Free bonus Spins on a 3-reel single-line slot machine. When entering the free spins gambling round, you need to choose your fighter.

The bonus game’s goal is to collect combinations on 3 reels and kill monsters—one combination – one life of the monster. One combination – one life of the monster. The number of lives is indicated by hearts under the image of the monster. You can kill it with a single hit if the icons in the frame with weapons fall out.

There are 5 monsters in the bonus game, and you need to kill them sequentially. When the monster is defeated, you win 3 additional bonus spins and move on to the next stage to face a stronger monster.

Cloud Quest casino slot game Bonus Round

Prizes for winning combinations at each stage increase, as each payout is multiplied by the number of completed stages. When you defeat the fifth and last monster, you get a special prize, x100 more than your bet! You also get an additional x2 of your bet for each free spin that you didn’t use. At the end of the bonus round, a message appears with the total amount of winnings.

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

The most important technical details of the game:

  1. RTP: 96.52%;
  2. Volatility/dispersion: high;
  3. Disposition: 5×5;
  4. Payment lines: 243;
  5. Rates: from 0.1 to 40.

Also, note that this is a very unstable game, and therefore you should prepare morally for the trip, which can be very useful if you have the patience to wait for big winnings.

Cloud Quest slot game Win

Play Cloud Quest slot Free play DEMO at the top of this pageConclusion

Slot Cloud Quest is an unusual online slot. Each spin is fun with bonus rounds, cascading reels, win multipliers, and more. Before you know it, you are fighting a sky monster to collect more coins. The features of a slot machine may overwhelm you; but when you understand how they work, you will enjoy playing this game. With excellent graphics, multiple paylines, and pleasant gameplay, this video slot is worth your time and bets. Spin this Play’n GO slot machine on crypto casino sites and win big!

Enough to read! Scroll up this page and try Cloud Quest DEMO for free!

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