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Diamonds are the best friends – most desirable and valuable one. In fact, diamonds are third expensive resource in our world. But what about Diamond Strike slot, is it worth its name?

Yes, as we may guess. Diamond slot is an interesting, entertaining slot game released by Pragmatic Play. This game is quite old-fashioned, perfectly visualized one, and it provides us with that well-known sound of wheels turning and coins earned. Back to our teens – that’s what Diamond Strike may offer. This game is available online casinos, both on PC and mobile devices. You will need stable Internet to launch the game.

What do people ask about the Diamond Strike online slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Diamond Strike online casino game?

This slot game has 5 reels and 15 paylines.

❓ What is the Diamond Strike slot RTP?

The RTP of this slot game is 96.48%.

❓ What is Diamond Strike slot machine volatility level?

The volatility of the Diamond Strike game is 3/5 – medium.

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❓ What is the bet limits of Diamond Strike game?

Wager in this slot is quite flexible: it can be chosen from 0.15 up to 75 points for each player’s spin.

❓ What is the maximum win on Diamond Strike Pragmatic Play slot?

Moreover, this slot makes the player win up to 1000 points (and even more, because this slot has progressive jackpot to make the process much more challenging).

❓ Is the Diamond Strike casino game has Free Spins feature?

✅ Yes! More about this slot game special features in Diamond Strike game review.

Read this Diamond Strike slot machine reviewGame Mechanics

Diamond Strike is a fruit video slot that shows us 3 rows, 5 reels and 15 paylines. This slot is available in English language. Nevertheless, it is widely known thanks to its stunning, totally beautiful music and easy interface. Just click ‘Start Game’ – and you will be ready to bet and to land the best symbols for your pleasure. There are dark screen with all settings available after you launch the game. You will be free to choose your bet and let your pleasure grow with Diamond Strike online casino game.

Hot red cherries, just after they were taken from the garden, fresh and juicy watermelons, sour yellow lemons and dark blue plums are going to gift you with huge payouts. There fruits are so fresh and juicy as if they are ready to pop out of player’s screen! And, moreover, you will also see Bells, remarkable golden 7s, and, of course, Diamonds, as it may be guessed from this slot’s name. Free Spins logo is always present there, and we will tell about this one symbol a bit more later.

Diamond Strike by Pragmatic Play casino game Free Spin

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

This game has three special symbols. First is the desirable, exciting Diamond, or Wild. This symbol can replace other ones and help you find all needed combinations. Second one, Scatter, triggers Free Spins. This symbol is shown on the 1, 3 and 5 reels. Drop three of them on one payline – and you will trigger free spins. After landing them carefully you will receive 8 Free Spins for your fun!

The third symbol looks like big golden 7s. A line with 3 golden 7s triggers bonus game in Diamond Strike online slot machine! During this bonus level you will be able to choose three of diamonds on the screen. You are to be really lucky this time to win this round: winning combination must contain three matching symbols. After right choice you will be able to get your special Jackpot. There are several types of fixed jackpot this turn: Mega is the biggest one and is paid 100x stake, Major is the second and is paid 100x, Minor is paid 30x and Mini is the smallest one and is paid 10x.

Diamond Strike slot game reviewWhat makes this slot special?

This slot game is one of the most common ones to represent ‘What the real old-school slot with modern waves is’. It is really stunning with its dark blue screen, its old-fashioned melody, its full design. Being powered by Pragmatic Play’s team, this slot has found its auditory within young and old gamblers all over the world.

This online casino game also provides player with three special features: there are Wilds, Free Spins and even a special bonus game to land on the game screen to catch a gigantic jackpot! After all, we all love arcades. Yes, old and interesting ones, that led us into dungeons, or endless adventures. By the way, the slot does its best to fill every player with that old-school smell, taste and excitement. Fruits are fresh and detailed enough, bells are about to ring right now, 7s are golden and Diamonds are as desirable as they only could be.

Looking at these features we may tell that Diamond Strike is quite special among fruit slots. It may look like other games with Diamond in their names, but this one is a genuine among them. It is Not that easy as 3×3 slots are, it is quite interesting to land symbols on, and, moreover, it has remarkable animation that makes all the magic. Quite good variant among fruit slots: not so small, not so big, and quite easy to get it started – ideal for gamblers of all sorts.

Diamond Strike slot game Win during Free Spin - Choose your casino and play Diamond Strike for real money

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

Wager in Diamond Strike Slot is quite flexible: it can be chosen from 0.15 up to 75 points for each player’s spin. This may be useful for those players who want to play for a small bit – as well as for those who prefer to risk with huge sums. The slot is fully its name: you bet, you risk, and you know how much to bet this time. And it is quite nice to play in, as well.

This game also provides players with theoretical 96.48% RTP, what makes it a lot interesting for those who wants to win more times. Moreover, this slot makes the player win up to 1000 points (and even more, because this slot has progressive jackpot to make the process much more challenging).

Diamond Strike may be realy remarkable due to its flexible bets, huge payouts and, as well, quite good RTP for all players. Sum it up with progressive jackpot – and you will understand the reason why this game is that much popular among gamblers.

Slot games iconConclusion

This slot is a real synergy of classic fruit slot and modern mechanics and it is an extremely cool variant for both those who prefer classic and those who prefer modern alternatives. There’s a lot to enjoy with and to bet on. Just another real Diamond from Pragmatic Play, that is easy to start and exciting to play.

This Pragmatic Play slot is made for gamblers’ joy. This slot may be truly named one of the brilliant ones among fruit video slots. We recommend to try it for once – and to learn how wonderful it really is. On this Diamond Strike slot review, you can see the TOP casinos list, where you can find this slot and play Diamond Strike real money.

Diamond Strike slot game Win - Try Diamond Strike game free play in DEMO mode

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