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Fire & Ice is a video slot game developed by online gambling software provider Spinomenal. The game features a rather unique theme of an eternal battle between these two opposite elements. Spinomenal uses the big difference between fire and ice to depict the intensity of this battle, which makes it very entertaining.

What do people ask about the Fire and Ice slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Fire & Ice slot machine?

The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines.

❓ What is the Fire and Ice slot RTP?

The base game has an RTP of 93.8% and a bonus RTP of 14.31%.

❓ What is Fire and Ice online slot volatility level?

It is low volatility (variance) casino slot game.

❓ What is the bet limits of Fire & Ice slot machine?

It depends on the online casino sites. However, in the DEMO mode, you can bet from the 0.4 to 400.

❓ What is the maximum win on Fire and Ice casino slot game?

The top payout on a single win spotted is 100x the bet.

❓ What are the special features of the Fire and Ice online game?
  • 2 Free Spin modes;
  • Expending Wild;
  • Symbol Transformation;
  • 2 Bonus Games;
  • Scattered Wild.

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It is a 100% HTML5 slot, meaning that it loads faster and is compatible with all types of devices (Find out more about mobile casinos). Fire & Ice was built with beginners in mind, and it has an attractive user interface that does not have too many buttons on its home page, so it is easy to navigate.

Fire and Ice slot machine GamePlay

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines. It has several buttons for the player to use and customize it to his taste. The “Help” button reveals the game rules to help you know how to navigate it before you start to play. Clicking the “Play” button will get the game started and the wheels spinning. You can switch “Fast Play” on and off to adjust the game’s speed.

The bet can be automated using the “Auto Bet” button. While the game is on Auto Bet, the “Pause” button is active, and clicking on it will take the game out of the auto mode. You can also adjust your bet size using the “Stake” button by clicking on the + or – buttons. To customize the game, you can use the “Settings” button where the settings menu is revealed. Here, you can adjust the properties of the game, such as display, sound etc.

Your account balance is displayed in the “Balance” button, while “Game Mode” is used to switch between the fun and real game modes. The “Stop” button is used to stop the spinning reels at any time when playing the game.

So, just click on “Spin” to start spinning the reels, and when the game is over, all your winnings will be paid to you according to the paytable.

As the game allows for great winnings, a “Big Win” button alerts you about it. When you get a big win more than once, this is considered to be a mega win, and the button will also alert you.

Fire & Ice slot game Bonus

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

Fire & Ice is a game with 3 symbols high. The symbols are the Wild, Free Spins, and Bonus.

Wild symbol: this is represented by the “Warrior” symbol, which replaces all other symbols except the Free Spins and Bonus symbols.

Free Spins: this is represented by the “Fire & Ice Angel” symbol. This has a multiplying effect on combinations and also has some free spins. The 2 of the symbol will multiply your win by 2, but don’t give free spins, while the 3 of it will give you 10 Free Spins and multiply your bet by 4. If you get 4 of them, you will get 10 Free Spins, and your bet will be multiplied by 10, while 5 will get you 10 Free Spins, and your bet will be multiplied by 20.

The game also has a Bonus symbol, which is represented by the “Fire & Ice Landscape.” If you get 3 or more of it, you will trigger the main bonus feature, which includes the following:

  • Symbol transformation: The Fire or Ice Angel randomly appears after every spin and can transform some symbols to its own. The Fire Angel transforms Ice symbols into Fire and vice versa. A symbol transforms into a Wild symbol if both the angels act on it at the same time

Both the Fire and Ice symbols carry more significance when Free Spins is activated. This triggers the following symbols:

  • Fire Wild: this symbol transforms into a “Fire Angel” Wild symbol. If you get the “Fire Angel” symbol on reels 2 and 4 at that time, it will expand to fill the reels;
  • Ice Wild: this symbol transforms into an “Ice Angel” Wild symbol and acts both as a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol. A multiplier is activated if 3 or more of the symbols are anywhere on the reels at the time. 3 of the symbols will multiply the bet by 2, while 4 and 5 of it will multiply the bet by 5.

Lastly, the Bonus feature can be triggered by revealing 3 or more of the “Bonus” symbols. When this happens, the game takes you to another section where you will have a click and reveal a bonus in which each object contains a cash prize.

Fire and Ice online slot game Free Spin

Slot games iconWhat Makes This Game Special?

The most distinctive aspect of this game is the transformation part in which the “Fire Angel” and “Ice Angel” transform symbols into their own. This opens up triggers for bonuses, which is a great way for players to win significantly.

Slot games iconBetting Limits and Winnings

The game’s estimated payout is set to 97.4%, but it is adjustable. The base game has an RTP of 93.8% and a bonus RTP of 14.31%. The top payout on a single win spotted is 100x the bet. It is a low volatility game with no jackpot and no minimum or maximum bet. This makes the chance of winning a big lower, but also reduces the chances of losing a significant amount of money in one bet.

Slot games iconConclusion

Fire & Ice, with its several features, gives the player value and fun at the same time. The game’s graphics being exciting and full of super actions, makes it fairly adrenaline pumping and suitable for those looking for some action. The transforming powers of the “Ice Angel” and “Fire Angel” is a feature that many games, including those from Spinomenal, do not have.

Fire & Ice slot game Big Win

In addition to the financial rewards, gamblers can play this game for the fun and experience of superheroes like Spider-Man or Frozone in “The Incredibles.” Even though it may not possess all the features every player expects, it is an above average game by any measure and anyone can play due to the simplicity of its user interface.

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