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Everyone at least once in his life dreamed of catching a goldfish that fulfills wishes. And the Fishing for Gold online slot machine gives you this great opportunity, where the goldfish itself jumps into your aquarium. You can have fun in all slot machines for free and without registration, so you can prepare yourself before playing for real money.

What do people ask about Fishing for Gold slot?
❓ How many paylines have Fishing for Gold slot game?

This slot game has 25 paylines.

❓ What is the Fishing for Gold slot RTP?

Fishin’ for Gold slot game RTP is 96.05%.

❓ What is the bet limits of Fishing for Gold video slot?
  • The minimum bet is 0.25 EUR;
  • The maximum bet 25 EUR.
❓ What is the maximum win on Fishing for Gold slot machine?

The maximum possible win on Fishing for Gold slot machine is 125,000 EUR.

❓ Is the Fishing for Gold slot game has Bonus game feature?

✅ YES! This slot game has a Bonus game feature where you can win Free Spins.

Thanks to the Fishing for Gold slot machine, you will have a home aquarium with colorful fish, corals and crustaceans. Nature abounds in bright colors, and the developers of Skill on Net have tried to collect in their slot all the variety of shades of the ocean depths.

Fishing for Gold slot game Gameplay

Slot games iconGame mechanics

Attractive design, high-quality graphics and pleasant background music make Fishing for Gold casino game an excellent choice for a relaxing pastime and earning money. Also, reviews of numerous gamblers note the presence of many options for obtaining large cash wins, in addition to the main game. As a result, you get exciting entertainment, which can be both just interesting and very profitable. Play the exciting and profitable Fishing for Gold slot from a well-known company, where the most optimal and profitable conditions have been created for players to spend their time interestingly and compete for big cash winnings. Despite the significant variety of game functions, the general mechanics of the popular Fishing for Gold slot game are quite simple and will perfectly suit even inexperienced gamblers.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

A random bonus round can start after any spin. An aquarium appears on the main screen, where one of the fish dives. Depending on its breed, the player receives rewards: cash bonuses, Free Spins with additional multiplayer or scatter symbols, and so on. Features of the slot:

  • Rewards are accrued on 25 lines.
  • You can choose the bet size between 0.01 credits and 3 credits.
  • A random bonus round with a variety of prizes can start at any time.
  • Among the symbols there are a couple of special ones: wild and loose.
  • The role of Wild is played by a golden fish, which can replace any simple icon.
  • Scattera can of fish food, thanks to which the bonus game starts.
  • You can start the spins in automatic mode by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel.

In Fishing for Gold slot, the graphics are very pleasant, bright and positive, so it will be interesting for any player to spend his time playing the game process in order to get high monetary winnings. To get into a separate bonus game, you need to collect at least 3 cans of fish food on the reels. Then a second screen will open, where you will have to open many jars to find out which of the aquarium pets the food is intended for. Each open container brings winnings. When you open three jars of turtle food, the game is over. But in the end, you will need to stroke one of the three turtles. And she will reward you too.

Fishing for Gold slot game has Bonus game feature

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

The main feature of the Fishing for Gold video slot is the presence of a huge number of bonus games. They go in series, go through several stages, do not leave without a consolation prize, even if you have not guessed correctly. But if you succeed in guessing, then you will end your round with a huge amount on hand. They allow not only to decorate the gameplay, but also to get a very significant profit for the players, since the main game row is quite standard. He is:

  1. 5 reels.
  2. 25 lines.
  3. A fun interface based on the underwater world.
  4. Attractive soundtrack.
  5. The presence of a Wild symbol, which helps to make a winning combination.

And now we turn to the main thing – bonuses that can really only be in a goldfish, the emulator gives them away so generously. Bonuses are unlikely to be of interest to those who decided to play Fishing for Gold slot machine for free, except as an additional adrenaline rush and excitement.

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

Real betting players will not regret starting the hunt for the goldfish. There are several bonus games, and each of them, some of them contain several stages:

  • 5 gold-colored fish allow you to multiply the bet by 10,000 times.
  • One of the series of bonus games can start after any spin of the reel, regardless of the combination of the icons and whether there is a win. That is, the player does not even need to collect combinations to win, but getting such a bonus is real luck. In this case, a fish jumps into your aquarium, and they all have different colors and the bonus games are different for each. But none of them will let the player go without a consolation prize. In this case, the fish additionally give kisses, and the cost of each kiss is also different. The reward in this series of bonus rounds is a mind-blowing endless multiplication of the available bets, which is not the case in any other slot machine.
  • The scatter serves as a symbol, being food for fish – if 3 or more cans fall out, another series of bonus games is launched – and here, too, there is an endless multiplication and the number of wins.

Are you now convinced that meeting a goldfish can turn you into a real rich man? So it’s time to hit the start button to speed up your meeting with her!

Fishing for Gold slot game Gameplay Win

Slot games iconConclusion

The presented Fishing for Gold slot by iSoftBet has high-quality graphics, as well as a unique soundtrack, which makes the gameplay very exciting. The game’s plot will appeal to any gambler. In addition, the gaming slot allows you to get a large number of cash prizes in case of receiving a bonus game. The device is great for beginners because it has a simple and very user-friendly gaming interface. Play and get the highest possible cash winnings in the exciting and fairly simple Fishing for Gold slot from a well-known developer company.

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