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Guys who like classic themes with gems of the slot machines should try to play GEMiX on the internet. The Play’N GO software provider lets everyone get huge wins and improve the gamer’s mood. So, this game has tons of advantages and good graphic quality. By the way, it was released in 2014 and the slot is still may be interesting for players.

What do people ask about the GEMiX slot game?
❓ How many paylines have GEMiX casino game?

Players can play on 9 playlines, which are no fixed, so gamers can choose the line number as they wish. Play GEMiX online for Free in DEMO mode at the top of this page.

❓ What is the GEMiX RTP?

The RTP of this slot game is 96,75%.

❓ What is GEMiX online slot volatility level?

Volatility of this slot game is rated as Medium level.

❓ What is the bet limits of GEMiX casino game?

Gamer can bet from €0.50 to €100 on the playline.

❓ What is the maximum win on GEMiX Play N GO slot?

You can win max 100 000 credits with the max Star combinations.

❓ What are the special features of the GEMiX video slot machine?
  • Crystal Charge;
  • World Pattern;
  • World Wilds.

Find out more about all of these Special Features in our GEMiX slot review.

Thanks to the dynamic gameplay, people can have real fun and win big money. Actually, the game is available on Android, iPhone and PC. You also can choose to play GEMiX Free Play DEMO mode if you do not want to play on real money.

GEMiX online casino game Win

Read GEMiX by Play N GO slot game reviewWhat are the game mechanics?

If a player truly intends to start gaming, he should know about the basic mechanics of the GEMiX slot. Besides, this game is available in English, French, Swedish, German and 30 other languages. Players can play on 9 playlines, which are no fixed, so gamers can choose the line number as they wish. Also, there are 7 reels and 7 rows which you can see on your screen. Actually, there is an interface that very easy to understand even for newbies. You can use play button, make betting with different value and change the settings of the game. There are main combinations with different gems.

Some people may also ask how to win. Actually, this online slots game is so simple and everybody can get good prizes. The best advice is not to bet all the money in a row. Also, the special symbols will give you unreal rewards. Before the start, you can choose the demo mode or try gaming on real money. To start, make a bet and use the play button to experience interesting gameplay.

Slot games iconThe Special symbols

When players run the game, they can find more information about special icons and combinations. Besides, there are 3 different levels where a player can get Wilds. To level up, you should make a bet and keep rolling the spins. After all, one magical creature that is looking like a girl will gift you new Wilds. At the final round a wizard appears, and he gives new tasks with random special symbols.

There are also five options that gamblers should fill to get the biggest reward. The bonus game may be activated when players get full Crystal Charge. To sum up, the game has different wilds with unique options and multipliers when the bonus is activated. By the way, to get them, you should make tasks that are available in 3 locations. To run the bonus game, people need to fill the Crystal Charge by getting more and more symbol combinations on the playlines.

GEMiX slot game Nova Blast

Slot games iconThe Features that make this game so Special

As it was mentioned before, the awesome bonus rounds give players a lot of advantages. This means that Wilds symbols with every level will be different. Also, they give more profit and make the gameplay more interesting. To pass the level you should make quests from different creatures, including princesses and wizards, which give you new Wilds.

So, here the options with unique features which make this Play’n GO video slot really special:

  • An opportunity to get more and more wilds when the level quests is done;
  • Option with Crystal Charge that activating new bonuses;
  • Super-charge if a player hit 40 wins, when all subsequent wins are multiplied by 3.

Also, the charging will let you receive new symbols. For example, Nova Blast blows everything. The Crystal Warp substitutes other symbols with the same type. Also, there are special Light Beam and Chain Lightning. To activate them, you need 20 symbols. The continuous combinations will activate the super-charge with a multiplier 3x.

GEMiX slot game RTP - 96.75%Betting limits and winning

To sum up, the game has good enough RTP and middle level of volatility (More about slots machine odds and RTP here). Here the list of the useful information that may help gamblers before the start:

  • The RTP is 96.75%.
  • You can win max 100 000 credits with the max Star combinations.
  • Gamer can bet from €0.50 to €100 on the playline.
  • The middle volatility.

There is absolutely free demo mode that is available to everyone. Also, you can play on real money and get awesome prizes.

GEMiX slot game Wild

So, do you can start making huge wins with such a pretty slot machine on the internet. Doubtless, the special features are the biggest advantage of the game.

Play GEMiX online slot Free Play DEMOConclusion

In conclusion, the machine has worthy advantages of gameplay. By mixing gems you will be able to receive unreal prizes. Surely, the bonus rounds with interesting tasks will make players get the best gaming experience. Moreover, different wilds are let everyone take more and more rewards while gambling. So, do not waste your precious time and start having real fun with the GEMiX online casino game on the internet.

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