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Present to your attention one more fine slot from gaming provider Habanero. Magic Oak is a typical classic online slot game with high RTP and a good-looking interface.

What do people ask about the Magic Oak slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Magic Oak online slot?

Magic Oak slot game is based on 4 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines.

❓ What is the Magic Oak slot RTP?

The slot has a high RTP – 98.07%.

❓ What is the bet limits of Magic Oak slot machine?

The minimum bet is 0.20€;

The maximum bet is 100€.

❓ What is the maximum win on Magic Oak video slot?

The maximum win that a player can withdraw from the game is €125,000.

❓ Is the Magic Oak slot game has Free Spins feature?

Yes! How to trigger Free Spins find out in this Magic Oak slot game review.

The slot was born in April 2019 and for a year of existence has received a large number of fans. This is a magic game made in 2D style. It is worth noting that the style of drawing here is quite unique in that it looks like a painted picture. This technique adds a magical atmosphere and a unique style to the game.

Magic Oak slot game Gameplay Win

The game is available in English for the game both on the PC version through the online casino, and in the mobile version. Playing on different devices, the quality of the game, and especially its symbols are not distorted and does not deteriorate.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

The game consists of 4 reels and 20 paylines. On the gameplay of the slot, the player can see the 4×4 system, four paylines, and four reels are displayed.

Against a pleasant painted background, the reels are not located in the middle, as is usual in many slots, but on the more right side. On the bottom panel of the screen are all the buttons and commands necessary for the player.

Magic Oak slot game Big WIn

Before starting the game, the gambler must place a bet and choose its size. To select a coin size on the lower control panel, use the plus and minus buttons. For those players who are too to press an infinite number of times on the plus button in order to increase their bet, there is a Max Bet button nearby. This feature allows the player to automatically raise his bet to the maximum, without constantly pressing the plus. But we do not recommend immediately setting the maximum bet on the first spins. For a good game and victory, it is advisable to start with small bets but made on several paylines at once, and then raise bets as desired.

On the same bottom panel, the player will be able to find information about his budget, as well as possibly Auto games. This means that the reels will spin automatically, without constantly pressing the Play button.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

The Magic Oak slot has a huge number of unique symbols. Despite the fact that the slot is made in a 4×4 scheme, there are really a lot of characters in the game.

Like the whole game, each special character is drawn in detail. Nice graphics in watercolor style leave a pleasant impression for players who do not like bright colors and flickering animation.

First of all, it is worth saying that the game is equipped according to the Cluster Pays system. This is a system that allows you to change symbols and combine them into winning combinations. Accordingly, such symbols are the most important and basic in the game. And also, they can take the form of any symbol that is on the drum. In order for the function to work, the symbols on the reel must be in a certain order and location.

Magic Oak slot game Free Spins

Of the main characters in the gameplay, the player will be able to see such as icons and symbols with the image of forest animals, numbers, as well as card suits.

Free Spins feature

The Scatters symbols in the game enable players to get from 2 to 4 slot game Free Spins in one rotation. This function also affects an unusually high level of RTP.

Wild features

Wild symbols are also present in the game and appear on the reels quite often. During the game, gamblers may appear on the screen lights that collect characters in one combination.

Collective symbols features

Also in the game, except for the Scatters and Wild symbols, the gambler will be able to find collective symbols, but he will not be able to find the Multiplier. Another small drawback will be that the game does not allow you to get bonus rounds of the game.

All symbols that are in the game serve as a cluster in order to collect other symbols in combination or in a winning sequence.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

The first thing that catches your eye and makes the game special is its special drawing style. The slot is drawn in a complete cartoon style, somewhere even reminiscent of Disney cartoons. All symbols are drawn in high quality and detailed, each in its own color.

Not only characters are drawn in the game in a special way. Another detail that cannot go unnoticed in the game is the background of the game. In the background of the slot, the same magic oak is depicted, on which all the most interesting takes place. The most interesting thing happens when a certain amount of time passes in the slot. Then, the light in the game changes to dark, and the day changes tonight. Such a game with a background in the game is not common, so it really can be considered a feature.

Not only the design in the game was distinguished by its uniqueness. During the game, the gambler can get lights on the gameplay. After a certain amount of them is collected in the game, they will be able to disperse and add additional characters to the screen. If the lights were blue, then they add the same symbols to the screen that make up the winning combination. And if the lights were yellow, then they will be converted to separate additional characters.

Magic Oak slot game Maximum win is 125,000

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

Betting is always recommended on several paylines. The minimum bet in coins on one payline is 1 coin, and the maximum is 10 coins. Moreover, with regard to the coin itself, the minimum cash rate, which will be equal to one coin, should be at least 0.01 cents. And the maximum bet is €100. Thus, the maximum win that a player can withdraw from the game is €125,000.

Due to the frequent opportunity to get Free Spins, the slot has a high RTP – 98.07%. This percentage of RTP is quite high among other slots, so this game can be completely considered winning.

Slot games iconConclusion

Magic Oak is a nice colorful slot for those who like a magical theme and nice cartoon drawing. With a high RTP, the slot gives players not only a nice picture but also high chances to win, thanks to a good percentage of RTP. Habanero tried to make the game so that players with any preferences liked it. Therefore, do not waste time and place a bet now!

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