Mythic Maiden Slot game – How to play and Where to play?

Step into the mystical world of Mythic Maiden slot game by NetEnt. Net Entertainment is known for its creative selection of games, and this one does not fail to stack up. It has a great horror feel to it with the creepy Iron Maiden dealing out multipliers.

In this 5 reels, 3 rows slot game, there are quite a variety of matches available, so you never know what you are going to get. With the ability to give you 2000x your original bet, any better stands a chance to win big!

Mythic Maiden slot game Compatible for all devices

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

Like most NetEnt games, Mythic Maiden slot comes with an information button on the left that tells you everything you need to know about the game. It comes with a blend of eerie pictures and easy-to-read text that makes sure you understand what you are getting.

At the bottom, you’ll find everything you need to play. You can set the level at which the game will multiply the coins you chose to bet. This setting gives more control over the standard bet. To the right is the outplay setting, which offers the option of 10, 25, of 50 automatic spins at the current bet.

Mythic Maiden slot game 30 Paylines

In the center is the green spin button, and next to that, you can hit max bet and raise the level to the top, but not the coin value. Also, max bet shows all the potential win opportunities. Finally, you can set the level of coin value on the far right, next to the board that shows how many coins you have left.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

In keeping with the theme, all of the ‘normal’ symbols are occultic or straight-up creepy. The one that starts us off is quite special, being the only one that if you get two matchings will it provide you with a win. 2 of them equals a 5x multiplier. It also has the highest multiplier, with 5 earning you a lovely 2000x.

The 3 monkey skull will hand you a 60x your bet, the skeletal hand on the book provides 50x at the same number, the creepy spider ranks in at 40x, and finally, the box comes in at a lower 25x.

The candle shaped numbers and letters range from A at 15 to 10 at 7. However, this game will only let you win from the highest possible win that shows up. Any other matching symbols will not earn you any wins.

There are two other symbols in the game that are individually unique: the Free Spins and the Wilds. The Free Spins appear as sinister swirling red and blue balls. If 3 of them fall into play, you earn 10 Free Spins, 4 of them make you 15, and 5 grand you 30 Free Spins. Oh, and don’t forget you can win more freebies while in this mode.

Mythic Maiden slot game Symbol Wins

The Wilds are marvelously done. At first, they appear as a moon as seen through a window, and then a ghostly face fades into the moon, sending a chill down my spine. The Wilds will substitute for any symbol, but they also become a 3x multiplier.

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Slot games iconWhat makes this game special

This game does try its best to put a chill down your spine. It has a blackish-blue background with creepy faces drawn straight from a horror book. All the symbols are well-drawn with attention to detail to make them the easiest they can be. Several of them are actively moving.

The music sets a mystical vibe with the rushing winds and a slow creaky door. Overall, it is a specialized experience. The main distinctive feature is the Iron Maiden. In the Free Spins, it opens and spews out multipliers of up to ten times the amount won. Also, it can give one or two more freebies spins.

Mythic Maiden slot game Free Spins Win

Slot games iconBetting limits and winnings

The game has a pretty good RTP at 96.6%. It has low volatility, though. 30 open paylines are too much for any game attempting to have a high payout.

However, the best payout only comes with Wilds and Free Spins. We took a few minutes of play for fun, and I achieved a nice 1800 multiplier. Too bad we were only playing with the free mobile version of the game. The max value is 2000 times your original bets, but as said with the low volatility, it isn’t very easy to get.

On a quick side note, the minimum bet for this game is €0.30 of whatever currency you are using. The maximum wager sits at €150. It is a little high for a minimum bet, but that is a reasonably good cap for bets.

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Slot games iconConclusion

NetEnt provides a solid video slot title. You’re not going to be experiencing high wins very often, but it isn’t the worst at passing around decent wins. The graphics are well done and give a substantial experience. There isn’t anything bad with this game. 2000x your money is the right bar for potential winning.

Mythic Maiden slot game Big Win

If you like the sound of the creepy vibe this game gives off and love a low volatility game, this one’s worth your time. With the free version available online, there isn’t anything holding you back from diving into the world of Mythic Maiden.

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