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Pink Elephants is a video slot game that is designed by the creative team over at ThunderKick. This innovative video slot was released in 2017. Although it has been a few years since its release, Pink Elephants has lasted the test of time well. In fact, this slot game was such a hit that there is now a Pink Elephants 2 that you can enjoy!

What do people ask about the Pink Elephants slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Pink Elephants slot machine?

Pink Elephants has a whopping 4096 ways to win!

❓ What is the Pink Elephants slot RTP?

Pink Elephants has a Return to Player rate (RTP) of 96.1%.

❓ What is the bet limits of Pink Elephants slot?

The minimum bet for this slot game is 0.10€ with the maximum bet being that of 100€.

❓ What is the maximum win on Pink Elephants slot game?

The maximum winnings that one can expect from this video slot game is that of 8,200x times their stake.

❓ What are the special features of the Pink Elephants video slot?

This slot game is full-packed special features. Such as Free Spins, Bonus Game, and Wild symbol features. Read more about all of these in this Pink Elephants slot review.

Pink Elephants is set in the wonderful planes of Africa. If the phrase pink elephants sounds familiar to you that is because it is commonly used to mean that someone is ‘blackout drunk’ or intoxicated in any other form. The theme and design of this slot game give honor to this phrase in some way as the overall art style used to create this video slot is quite reminiscent of psychedelic culture, especially with the way that the Pink Elephant himself is designed. Pink Elephants can be played on both desktop as well as any mobile device as ThunderKick has made sure to make their slot game as accessible as possible. Make sure to download our app to enjoy this game, along with many others, while on the go!

Slot games iconHow does the game work?

Pink Elephants, apart from having a very creative aesthetic, also has made great changes when it comes to the game mechanics. Specifically, how the reels are set out. Usually, we see the traditional layout of 5×3 reels across various online slot games but this is not the case for Pink Elephants. ThunderKick has decided to shake things up a bit and go for a layout of 6×4, this means that there are 6 reels for you to spin spanning across 4 different rows of symbols.

Pink Elephants slot game Main picture

Game mechanics

Pink Elephants has a whopping 4096 ways to win! This high number of paylines paired together with the layout of the innovative reels make for a very exciting game. To start playing all that you have to do is pick your bet and start spinning the reels! The spin button can be found on the right-hand corner of the reels as the biggest button shown. Right next to it you will see the autoplay button. This is where you can set your maximum number of spins and let the reels do all of the work for you. You set your bets by pressing on the bet button that is found next to the autoplay button.

On the left-hand side of the reels, you will find the game rules. These are very handy to take a look at before you start playing so that you can be familiar with all of the inner workings of the game and so that you can also better understand how you can win big. Another very important section to pay attention to is found once you press on the paytable button. Here you will find a comprehensive explanation of all the different paylines and how they will earn you cash. It is good to know that any wins are paid from left to right and only the highest paying line per spin is paid out.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

Let’s take a look at all of the different symbols that make up Pink Elephants. Pink Elephants has a total of 13 different symbols. The low tier symbols are the playing card symbols from 9-A. The 9 playing card symbol being the lowest paying. Then, we have the 4 lovable lemurs who are our middle tier paying symbols. It is the big Pink Elephant that you really want to watch out for as he has the power to give you back 100 when you get a full pay line of the Pink Elephant. This means that this Pink Elephant is the highest paying symbol of the slot game.

Wild symbol feature

Apart from this we also have some special symbols. First up is the Wild symbol. The wild symbol looks like the letter W has been carved into ancient rocks. This symbol is quite unmissable as it emits this pinkish light whenever it is on the reels. The Wild symbol has the power to substitute for any symbols, except for the Scatter symbol, and help you create winning paylines.

Pink Elephants slot game Pink Elephants symbols are the best

Scatter symbol feature

Pink Elephants does also feature Free Spins as well as a bonus game feature. Both of these can be triggered by the special nut Scatter symbol. The amount of scatter symbols you get on the reels directly corresponds to the number of Free Spins that you will be rewarded with. The least amount of Free Spins that you can get is 7 when you get 3 Scatter symbols across the reels and the highest amount of Free Spins that you can get is 19 if you are lucky enough to get 6 Scatter symbols across the reels.

Bonus game

Once you have entered Free Spins mode you are now playing the Bonus game! The aim of the game is to collect as many orbs from the Pink Elephant as possible. The more orbs that you collect the more Free Spins you will be rewarded with. Your goal is to transform all of the 4 lovable lemurs into Pink Elephants using the magic that is hidden inside these orbs.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

But, what makes this video slot so unique? I’m glad you asked! What makes Pink Elephants that extra bit special is the unique Bonus game that helps bring this slot game to life. To be able to trigger this Bonus game you will need to get 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. Your Scatter symbols do not need to make up a winning payline as their position on the reels do not affect the outcome. ThunderKick has added a nice element by having the left-hand side tree in the background be the bonus tree where you can see how close you are to unlocking the bonus game. The more Scatter symbols you get the more this mystical tree lights up.

Once you have crossed the bridge to the other side and gotten to the mystical land ruled by the Pink Elephants you will start the Bonus game! Do you remember those lovable lemurs that I have mentioned before? Well, the aim of this bonus game is to transform all of these lemurs into mighty Pink Elephants. You will start transforming these lemurs one by one.

Pink Elephants slot game Wild Symbol win

But, how will you transform them? Simple! As you spin the reels you will notice that the mighty Pink Elephant is holding a magical orb with his trunk. The more magical orbs that you collect the more lemurs you get to transform into Pink Elephants. The more Pink Elephants you get means the more Free Spins that you will be rewarded with. To be able to transform one lemur into a Pink Elephant you are going to need to get 10 orbs per lemur. This means that you need to get a total of 40 magical orbs to be able to transform all of these lemurs into powerful Pink Elephants.

Slot games iconBetting Limits and Winning

The minimum bet for this slot game is 0.10€ with the maximum bet being that of 100€. The default bet that you start at is always 1 so always remember to adjust your betting limits before you start spinning. This range of betting options is fantastic as it is perfect for all kinds of players. Whether you just spin for fun or you are looking to Win Big you are sure to find the perfect bet for you.

Pink Elephants has a Return to Player rate (RTP) of 96.1%. An RTP generally means the equivalent amount that players can expect from the game over a long period of games. By saying that a game has an RTP of 96.1% ThunderKick are essentially saying that the game is expected to return 96c if your bet was of €1, or any currency equivalent. This means that Pink Elephants has a great RTP standing high and mighty at 96.1% with a hit frequency of 22.8%.

Pink Elephants slot game The biggest payout symbols

The volatility level for this slot game is that of 101.63. This means that the game is a bit on the riskier side but you can enjoy bigger payouts. The maximum winnings that one can expect from this video slot game is that of 8,200x times their stake.

Slot games iconConclusion

Pink Elephants is a splendid slot game that ThunderKick has gone all out for. The RTP offered by this slot is fantastic as is the hit frequency standing at 22.8%. The design and creation of this slot game could not have been done any better as everything is perfectly presented and explained when it comes to game mechanics and bonus features. The creation of the bonus game using the magical orbs is perfectly crafted and helps add that special little touch to Pink Elephants.

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