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Rally 4 Riches – is a video slot game, created by Play’n GO company. It’s a classic example of 3 reels internet slots that are made in modern style with a huge variety of symbols and bonus levels. The game translates an atmosphere of racing and has its personal style and features.

What do people ask about the Rally 4 Riches slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Rally 4 Riches online casino game?

The slot has only 5 paylines. However, it is full of features which let you enjoy good winnings.

❓ What is the Rally 4 Riches slot RTP?

The RTP of this casino game is 96.25%.

❓ What is Rally 4 Riches online slot volatility level?

It has a high volatility level (8/10).

❓ What is the maximum win on Rally 4 Riches video slot?

The maximum win could be 5,000x.

❓ What are the special features of the Rally 4 Riches casino game?
  • Bonus Reel Re-Spin;
  • Main Reel Re-Spin;
  • Championship Race;
  • Jackpot Podium.

Find out more about all of these special features in our Rally 4 Riches slot machine review.

You could download this slot on any device; there is also a good-optimized mobile version of it. Just choose one of the best mobile casinos online. Or, you could play online, using any of the popular browsers.

Rally 4 riches slot game Bonus

Slot games iconGame mechanics

Rally 4 Riches is a very dynamic game that keeps player trilled all the time he plays. In the game you will see 9 different symbols: four rally cars, designed in classy style, four fruits such as grape, lemon, cherry and watermelon and one Wild symbol. Also, you could hit bonus levels, if you collected a combination of three extra bonus symbols.

It’s important to mention that wild could replace any of the symbols and create a winning combination for you.

Rally 4 Riches features 5 different paylines, where you could hit any of the winning combinations and earn some money.

When you are playing a rally for riches, you need to focus on the multiplayer index mainly, because it’s how to double your winnings greatly. In game, you could hit x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 payout increasing, that’s why players are trying hard to up it as high as possible. Despite the fact, that it’s 3 reels slot, there are also 4th reel, and you need to pay attention to it. Here could appear some pleasant bonuses such as Free Spins, or bonus symbols.

Slot games iconSpecial symbols

Except standard symbols and Wild, in the game you could see a couple of new special symbols, that have different destination. Some of them unlock a bonus level; some have a great effort on your game or winnings. All bonus symbols are placed in the 4th reel and they are spinning alongside with other 3 reels. It could be:

  • Multiplayer symbols that increase your possible winning;
  • Bonus symbols, that open bonus round if you collected row of them;
  • Nudge Wild – symbol that applies Wild in your combination, also there is a chance to get re-spin, that will increase your multiplayer index;
  • If you collected all bonus symbols, you’d be allowed to try playing in the bonus round and add some money to your winnings. The bonus level has the name “The Race” and being played on the game board, which consists of 24 spaces. Under each of the space, there is a reward for you, you also could get a Nitro boost that will let you move forward a couple of spaces. Your game connected with a real-life race that you’ll be watching on your screen and the number of your moves will be randomly generated.

Rally 4 riches slot game Respin

The number of spaces you’ve reached will determine your position in the race and you could place one of four places, each of which have different rewards. It could be winnings, extra spins or jackpot.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

If you placed the first place in the bonus race, you are getting a chance to take part in the jackpot game. Jackpot game looks like a huge pyramid that consist of different values, with the x1000 multiplayer on the final tier.

The light will move across all levels of the pyramid and then will stop in front of a certain reward. You could take it or continue gambling with a chance to get even better rewards.

In the Rally 4 Riches, you could hit massive jackpots while enjoying the game. Probably, the main advantage of the game is the huge variety of symbols and a dynamic bonus game that never makes the player feel bored.

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

Minimum and maximum bets in Rally 4 Riches is 0.10/100, while default RTP is 96.25%. It has a high volatility level (8/10) and here your maximum jackpot could be 5,000x. You can read more about slot machine odds of winning in our article about it.

Rally 4 Riches is a good example of balanced and player-orientated slots, players have an opportunity to hit an actual jackpot here and most part of the money they spend always come back to them. Moreover, huge range of bets makes the game very accessible to players with different budgets: there you make low bets and just enjoy an interesting game or play seriously, putting high bets and hitting impressive jackpots.

Simply saying, this game will be interesting as for beginners, as for professional players who is looking for the game with low risk and permanent stability. It’s a good representative of slots, that will be interesting for absolutely different categories of players.

Rally 4 riches slot game Bonus The Race

Slot games iconConclusion

Rally 4 Riches – is a modern example of classic 3-reels slots with a pretty design and interesting gameplay, especially talking about bonus levels. It has a very remarkable atmosphere, and yet, very good RTP percent, so playing this Play’n GO game you could not only have fun, but also fill your pockets with money.

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