Reel Rush Slot game – How to play and Where to play?

Reel Rush slot game by NetEnt meshes together little bits and pieces of popular games to create a fun online slots games experience.

Reel Rush slot game Wild Symbol Basic Paylines

This experience is set in a slightly odd square shape with an exciting blend of details, and it delivers on the key elements that make slots fun to play while keeping you on the edge of your seat with constant action.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

To begin Reel Rush, the player has to set their wager first. Coin value determines the “Spin” initiates the game, “Max Bet” allows players to spin at the maximum wager and “Au­top­lay­” turns the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

To get an idea of what the game is about in a visual format, hit the information button to the left. Lastly, below the main control panel, there is a black line that has various functions like telling you precisely how much your bet is, as well as settings control.

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Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

There are 12 different basic symbols comprised of fruit-shaped candy…or candy shaped fruit, and basic sweets. What is unique about this game’s pieces is that the fruit all starts worth ten, but each has a different value for more significant matches. You need 3 of any particular symbol for a minimum match, and 5 is the highest possible number of a cluster.

Reel Rush slot game Free Spins Win

For candy, it’s different. Any color of candy provides you the same benefits. Match three, and you get 5 times your bet. Get 4, and you get 15x, and 5 will grant you 50x. However, there is only one special symbol: the Wild card.

Now in this game, the Wild is the unique symbol. Unlike most games, though, it appears in almost every round of game time, and if you’re lucky, there will be 2 or 3 of them. The number of times it appears makes up for the lack of any other individual items that one can find in other video slots. The Wild appears as a gold piece with a star in the background.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special

The style of the play emulates the successes of the old fruit video slots while also incorporating the cascading elements of Candy Crush’s success. With its retro music and 2D look, it captures the rustic feel of the eighties while still having a fresh, well-made design.

The background is rather peaceful, being a Mario-like green scenery. All the colors are pleasant, with all of them being light shades dominated by blue and green. Even the symbols have extremely smooth edges.

Reel Rush slot game 21 casino has NetEnt slot games

This five by five Reel Rush slot has a unique system. Typically, there are only 13 of the 25 reels the game uses. With every match made, the more parts of the board are uncovered, giving more win opportunities. Once the winning streak ends, the board goes back to only 13 options.

NetEnt has made it available at many online casinos like 21casino, 888Casino, and etc. It has been a success on all these platforms while also having a free-to-play mobile version. Without a need to deposit money to play, Reel Rush can also be a relaxing way to spend a few minutes each day.

The Free spin in this game is the most exciting mechanic. Every time you win five times in a row, the system activates eight respins for free. What’s even better about them is they have the max potential for winning available with all the slots uncovered until the round ends.

Slot games iconBetting limits and winnings

This game has an excellent RTP at 96.96%. Its medium volatility rate ensures that you don’t have too much or too little fun.

Reel Rush slot game Re-spin feature Open new PayLines

This game has a high minimum bet starting at €0.50 of whatever currency you have and going all the way to €100. This mechanism might turn off people who like to bet low, but the chance of winning big is great with Reel Rush.

So with the typical spin, there are only 50 ways of winning the game, but it begins to rise fast as with the second respin, your chances are 135. The second it goes to 405, and with the fifth respin, you can succeed in 3125 different ways! Not to mention, every free respin includes all 3125 victory chances!

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Slot games iconConclusion

Overall, NetEnt Reel Rush slot game departs from the typical slot formula with its Free respin style and the eighties video games feel. With the visually appealing background and interesting playstyle, it makes for a pleasant time spender.

Reel Rush slot game 3125 Paylines Big Win

The playstyle presents a lot of opportunities for stellar winning. With the mode continually changing, opening up fewer or more chances for victory, there is an ever-present feeling of proper tension. There’s every reason to try out this game, even if you decide to download the free mobile version

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