Secrets of Atlantis Slot game – How to play and Where to play?

Secrets of Atlantis is a video slot game set in the underwater city of Atlantis. This NetEnt game features 5 transparent reels with 4 rows of bubble-trapped sea creatures, unique jewels, or a beautiful golden mermaid.

This video slot has a Highlight feature, and Nudge Wilds every few spins. You can get re-spins starring Colossal three-reel aquatic symbols, which give you a better shot at winning. The ‘Win Both Ways’ game mode doubles your chances, letting you connect symbols in any direction. Let’s discuss the strong points of this underwater NetEnt slot game.

Secrets of Atlantis slot game Compatible for all mobile devices

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

You can win up to 320,000 coins in this game. You get to choose the coin value and set it on auto-spin with the maximum bet if you don’t want to lose momentum.

The idea is to connect the same symbol across as many rows as you can. See if you can connect pearls across all 5 rows, and you’ll get a Colossus pearl. This method is valid for all symbols, but different symbols win more or fewer coins, according to their designated value.

Secrets of Atlantis can give you up to 40 paylines. Horizontal or diagonal connections between two of the same symbol count as a payline. The more connections the game algorithm can make between reels that show the same aquatic animal or jewel, the more paylines you have. The game’s Win Both Ways feature lets you convert more connections into paylines so you can win more coins.

The mermaid is your Big Win and your Nudge Wild. Your golden girl is tall, taking up the entire column. This lucky mermaid stands for whatever symbol you may need to make the most connections for you to win big. She’s always on your side. If you get two mermaids on the end reels, you get a highlight, which wipes the reels clean with a nudge wind and a Free Spin. With five of a kind, you get a Colossus.

The massive symbols that take up the three center reels are called Colossus. These giants make it much easier for you to connect the same token on the two end reels, and give you a Free Spin. If you get a Colossus mermaid, and at least two of the same symbol on the sides, you win triple the coins.

Secrets of Atlantis slot game Gameplay Win

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

This underwater game has beautifully detailed graphics. These are the symbols you will find in the game and how they affect your winnings.

The lowest-paying symbols are the sea creatures trapped in bubbles. You can connect sea turtles, crabs, or jellyfish. Jewels have a higher pay rate, then you have the sea-themed treasures, with each one representing a sea creature in bubbles: emerald turtles, ruby crabs, and diamond jellyfish.

Secrets of Atlantis slot game PayTable

The pearl inside the golden oyster shell is worth even more than the sea-themed jewels, especially when it turns into a Colossus. Any of these symbols can become a Colossus, which takes up the three middle reels, and triples your chances of making a five-reel connection. They also give you a Free Spin.

The golden mermaid has 3 functions: one, she stands for any symbol; you need to make the most connections and gives you a Big Win. Two, if you get a mermaid on the first and last columns, there is a Highlight that wipes all reels clean and gives you a Free Spin. Three, with a Colossus mermaid that takes up the three reels at the center, you get triple the coins of a payline.

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Slot games iconWhat Makes This Game Special

The medium volatility, the highlight feature, and the Win Both Ways characteristic give you more chances to win than with other five-slot video slots. The best high-paying features of this game are the Big Win mermaid and the Colossus Free Spins.

It’s the fantastic graphics that make this game stand out from the rest. The calming background image, mixed with the soothing music theme, has a relaxing effect. This makes long sessions enjoyable, without losing the competitive edge of playing a slot game. You may find yourself staring at the incredible details on the symbols, wishing they wouldn’t move so fast. It’s easy to get lost in Atlantis.

Secrets of Atlantis slot game Big Colossus

Slot games iconBetting Limits and Winnings

The Secrets of Atlantis slot boasts a 97.07% Return to Player (RTP), which is a heftier return than most slot games will give you. The algorithm has medium volatility and offers players 40 paylines, which allows more chances to win. In authorized online casinos, the game provides winnings in various currencies, including EUR.

The minimum bet you can make per spin is €0.20, which will take a different monetary value depending on your game options and on the currency you chose. The maximum amount you can bet per spin is €200.00. If you put the game on auto-spin, you’ll make the maximum bet every time.

Thanks to the Colossus symbols, you get Free Spins, too. You win double with two mermaids on the sides, and a triple Big Win with a Colossus mermaid. This game gives you lots of chances to win coins, either for fun or for real money.

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Slot games iconConclusion

Secrets of Atlantis by NetEnt is a relaxing, fun video slot game with stunning visual effects, graphics, and sound. If you like the energy and sense of expectation of slot games but are tired of the same old static cherries, lemons, bananas, and the elusive number 7, you’ll find new hope for your favorite game in Secrets of Atlantis.

Secrets of Atlantis slot game Big Win

You have more chances to win big with its Win Both Ways mode. There are many perks, including Free Spins, Nudge Wild, double or triple winnings with special symbols, and a highlight feature. You can play for fun or real money at authorized online casinos. Try it for free and see if you like it. Slot machine fans will find it’s well worth a spin.

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