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Spinsane slot game developed by NetEnt Software. Released in 2019, it features Free spins, random Wilds, and super symbols.

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Spinsane slot game Compatible for all type devices

Spinsane features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 27 paylines. It is a wild game inspired by fierce wolves that come to life on the screen. With the right combination of symbols, Spinsane can reward you with some truly astonishing payouts.

In this review, we will explain how the slot works, what to look out for, and if it is a game worth playing. Keep reading while we take you through a detailed overview and provide some helpful hints on how to play.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

Spinsane slots utilize the very best in 3D graphics, and all the symbols are wolf-themed. They include the glare of the wolf face, wolf paws, teeth, and a howling wolf with a full moon background.

Oddly this game also has blank symbols. This means that you could be spinning for a little longer before landing a winning combination. Don’t be too disheartened by this, though. Once you manage to land three or more matching symbols across any of the 27 paylines, the rewards will be worth the wait.

Spinsane slot game Gameplay Win

Although Spinsane only uses 5 symbols across the whole game, these can also be transformed into super symbols. When you see a symbol with the fire blaze mark, it becomes a super symbol.

Spinsane also has a Free spin feature which can reward you with up to 30 free turns. To activate Free spins, you need to match five or more howling wolf moon scatters. Each Scatter will give you two free spins. So with 5 Scatters, you will get 10 Free spins.

During the Free spins bonus, every time you land a scatter symbol, you will get one more Free spin. There is no limit to this, so you can keep extending the Free spins and increasing your pot with each attempt.

During the Free spin round, one of the reels will be a Wild reel, which boosts your chances of landing a high payout combination.

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Spinsane slot game Gameplay 5 Scatters waiting

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

Special symbols in Spinsane are simple and easy to understand. Any symbol that has been clawed by a wolf becomes a super symbol. Turning these ordinary symbols into super symbols is the best way of hitting more winning combinations with the highest payouts.

Super symbols are worth ten times more than ordinary symbols. Let’s look at the howling wolf head, for example. As an ordinary symbol, matching 5 of these will payout 50 times your stake. If this lands as a super symbol, you will get a handsome 500 times your stake.

Slot games iconWhat Makes This Game Special?

As far as originality goes, Spinsane is not particularly unique. Indeed there are many slots on the market that have a wolf theme. NetEnt itself has another slot named Wolf Cub. However, it’s a very straightforward and entertaining game to play. The fast pace of the game will no doubt keep you on your toes and offers an engaging experience.

Spinsane slot game Android device gameplay

Spinsane has the feel of a land-based casino slot machine. Its curved reels, fast spins, light, and sound effects all make for a compelling game.

You will hear the spinning and clinks of a casino machine. Pair this with muffled noise and the authentic chimes of old fashioned slots, and you could be fooled into thinking you weren’t playing an online video slot at all.

Slot games iconBetting Limits and Winnings

Setting the coin value to 0.1 will allow you to play with a minimum stake of 10 cents. Increasing the coin value, to a maximum of 5, will allow you to up your stake to a whopping €500 per spin. These wide-ranging betting limits make Spinsane a favorite with both beginners and high rollers.

The game has an RTP of 96.26%, which is pretty standard for NetEnt games. Although it’s a pretty good return to player rate, combine this with a medium to high volatility, and it may take some time to land the ultimate Super Symbol winning combination.

Spinsane slot game Super Symbols

If you have the maximum coin value set and you land 5 Super Symbols, you can expect a massive payout of x5000 your stake. The howling wolf symbol with the wolf claws is the highest paying. This will set your heart racing as you could walk away with a €2.5 million jackpot!

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Slot games iconConclusion

We have mixed reviews about Spinsane by NetEnt. It is a straightforward game, and the graphics and soundtrack are not the first reason you would play this game. We also feel that Spinsane could benefit from a few additional bonus features to keep you entertained while playing in the base game.

But that is not to say that you should avoid this slot as it has many top features. Spinsane will not payout time after time, but when it does, you can expect to win big. This alone makes it a favorite amongst the higher risk-taking players.

Spinsane slot game Mega Win

It is also not too difficult to activate the Free spins feature. This will give you more opportunities to land that big payout you have been waiting on.

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