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Trolls Bridge is an upbeat, animated video slot game. Online gaming developer Yggdrasil Gaming first released this in 2017, as the brand’s initial attempt at a fantasy-themed slot.

The premise is based on a fantasy land of magical thrills, mountains of treasure, and adorable trolls. Some say it has a Warcraft feel, while others describe it as reminiscent of the classic video games of the ‘90s, such as Super Mario World.

Trolls Bridge slot game Gameplay Wild Symbols Win

Whatever your point of view, this game offers lots of visually pleasing graphics to keep you entertained while you win piles of money that would make any troll proud.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

Trolls Bridge offers 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. It also features Free Spins, Golden Bets, a Bonus Pot, and a Bonus Stone.

Free Spins can be triggered in 2 different ways: through the Bonus Pot symbol and the 3 Free Spins symbol.

Land the 3 Free Spins symbol on the third, fourth, or fifth reels to get the same selection of Free spins options with the extra feature picks.

You can pick up to 7 features in Free spin mode. These include 2 or 3 extra Free spins; 1 or 2 random Wilds; One sticky Wild on the second to fourth reels; 1 Troll that acts as a Wild symbol; 1 Troll that acts as a super stack; or 2x multiplier added to all wins.

Trolls Bridge slot game Bonus Symbol Win

The Golden Bet offers you the chance to win one extra feature pick during the Free Spins mode. This is an optional feature that must be activated at the start of a turn before you begin to play. Turning the Golden Bet on will cost you an additional 5 coins per spin.

The Bonus Pot and Bonus Stone are 2 more base game features that can randomly increase your winnings. Possible outcomes of receiving the Bonus Pot are 10 spins and 5 feature picks, 8 spins and 4 feature picks, 6 spins and 3 feature picks, 1000 coins, 500 coins, 200 coins, 100 coins, or 40 coins.

The Bonus Stone awards multipliers for winning spins and coins for losing ones. (More on this below.)

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

There are 4 different Wild symbols: regular, random, sticky, and troll. The regular Wild can appear at any time. The other 3 Wilds only act during Free spin rounds. Sticky Wilds only appear on reels 2-4.

There are 4 different low pay symbols. They are the traditional card symbols: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

Troll symbols are the most important. They are the high pay symbols, and they are worth various amounts.

Trolls Bridge slot game Free Spins Won

Slot games iconWhat Makes This Game Special

The standout feature of this video slots game is its Golden Bet feature, and at the beginning of each game, you have the chance to activate it. Doing so slightly increases the minimum and maximum betting range for your play. More importantly, though, it also raises the return to player level and gives you an extra feature pick during the Free spins bonus round.

Another cool feature is the Bonus Stone. Available during the base game, this feature randomly activates throughout the game. When you are lucky enough to have this Betting Stone enabled, 2 possible things can happen. If you win, your payout will be multiplied by anywhere from 2x to 5x. On your losing spins, you will still receive between 100 and 1,000 coins.

Slot games iconBetting Limits and Winning

The minimum amount of coins that you are allowed to bet in Trolls Bridge is 0.01, with the maximum set at 5. The maximum payout for wins is 250,000. Jackpots are worth 250.

The Return to Player (RTP) value is 97.0% and the game’s volatility is split into two different percentages. Normal play volatility sits at 96.0%. When you activate the Golden Bet, though, it increases to 96.3%.

Trolls Bridge slot game Extra Bonus game

One important thing to note: the minimum and maximum bets depend on whether you go for the Golden Bet option. Without the Golden Bet, you can wager between €0.20 – €100 per spin. If you enable the Golden Bet, this increases to between €0.25 – €150 per spin.

Slot games iconConclusion

Trolls Bridge video slot by Yggdrasil offers hours of enjoyment and a variety of ways to win money. The graphics will keep you entertained while you play, and the soundtrack is delightfully upbeat.

Before you know it, you’ll be sitting on a mountain of treasure worthy of any troll’s desire!


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