Valley of the Gods Slot game – How to play and Where to play?

Valley of the Gods slot game has been enticing players to its mystical Egyptian land since August 2017. Players who enjoyed other games from Yggdrasil, such as Tut’s Twister slot, will definitely want to give this one a try.

Yggdrasil is one of the industry’s best-known developers of online and mobile games. Founded in 2016, they lead the way in cutting edge technology. Provide gaming content to some of the world’s top providers.

Valley of the Gods slot game Fun to Play

Valley of the Gods will lead players on a mysterious journey, encountering mighty gods such as Horus and Anubis, and venturing through the holy land of Egypt and the pyramids of Gozo.

This article will look at how the game works, symbols that players will come across, and how the game stands out from the rest. What makes Valley of the Gods unique? We will discuss betting limits and potential winnings so that you can compare them against other leading slots on the market.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

Valley of the Gods is a 5 reels slot with 3,125 ways to win. The game leads players on an adventure seeking to reveal the secrets of the Book Of The Dead. With every spin, you follow the sacred Scarab beetles, helping the gods to uncover the truth behind ancient mysteries.

The symbols used in the Valley of the Gods will entice adventurers into the ancient Egyptian world. There’s a mix of low and high-value symbols, including Tutankhamen, Bastet, Anubis, and Horus. Valuable symbols such as the Egyptian God Horus can give big payouts. Matching 5 of these symbols, in the same line, will reward you with 20x the original stake.

A great bonus is the free re-spin, which you get for every winning spin. The free spins continue as long as each roll results in winning combinations. This exciting feature returns winnings at the same bet as the spin that activated them.

Every time you get a free re-spin or winning combination, the game opens up to a 5×5 grid. Here you’ll find the 3,125 ways to win. This is where the game gets exciting, with the chance to earn big money.

Within the grid, 12 positions are blocked by scarabs. Each symbol in a winning combination will release a golden scarab. Each golden scarab destroys one of the blockers. Destroying these blockers will give you free reel spins, which increases the number of ways to win, and earns extra payouts.

Valley of the Gods slot game Special Effects opening Paylines

Once all the blockers are removed, the scarabs will turn either red or blue. The scarabs are then collected to activate additional features of the game.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

The scarabs are special symbols within the Valley of the Gods. Collecting them gives you additional wins, extra lives, and multipliers.

You can collect red scarabs from winning red, orange, purple, and pink symbols. Blue Scarabs are rewarded from blue, teal, or green winning symbols.

5 red scarabs will give you an extra life. Meaning that even after a losing spin, you get the chance to spin again. Keep spinning until your lives run out. The free re-spins can open up additional hidden bonuses, which have the opportunity to really boost your winnings.

Collecting 5 blue scarabs earns multipliers. The win multiplier starts with a 2x multiplier and increases by one with each winning combination. If you are playing with a high level of active multipliers, you can come out with a big cash win.

The scarabs really open up the board and give you access to valuable bonuses and the opportunity to maximize your cash pot.

Valley of the Gods slot game 3125 Paylines open

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special

Yggdrasil is well known for delivering games with stunning graphics. They are out in front when it comes to bringing the screen alive. Players will really feel immersed in the world of the Valley of the Gods. The realistic visuals and soundtracks will take you on a journey through ancient Egypt and keep you entertained with each spin.

Valley of the Gods is an intriguing game that will hold your attention. It has beautiful scenery, including gods, statues, ancient artifacts, tombs, and hieroglyphics. Prepare to be dazzled by the gorgeous backdrop that is Valley of the Gods.

Valley of the Gods is available on both iPhone and Android devices. It is fully optimized for mobile. Built using the SENSE 2.0+ platform, it delivers a much cleaner, bright, and easy to navigate user experience.

Valley of the Gods slot game Symbol Wins

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winnings

Valley of the Gods slot game allows you to choose your own coin size from $0.004 to $4, and payouts are dependent on your spin size. Your winning potential varies depending on the spin size. The maximum jackpot is 5,800x, offering potentially big payouts at higher wagers.

For example, wagering €10 yields a return of €580, while a high-roller bet of €100 pays out a massive maximum jackpot of €580,000.

You can aim to hit the jackpot while benefiting from a 96.2% RTP. Valley of the Gods is an exciting game and can reward players with big wins if luck is on your side.

It has a medium to a high level of volatility with a generous 22.8% hit rate. If you find Valley of the Gods on the right day, you could be onto a real winner.

Slot games iconConclusion

With all the Egyptian themed games out there, it would be a mistake to think that Valley of the Gods is nothing special. The gorgeous scenery, visually pleasing graphics, and a spiritual soundtrack make it stand out from the rest.

Valley of the Gods slot game Most of the Casinos have it - CasinoEuro

The features are what make this game special. Players enjoy the free re-spins with every winning combination. Valley of the Gods slot is an engaging game to play and offers some exciting ways to win.

Developed by giant Yggdrasil, you can be confident you won’t be disappointed.

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