Wild Trucks Slot review – Where to play multi slots demo?

We present to your attention Wild Trucks online slot machine. It is one of the best slots from the game provider Habanero, which release in 2019 and still receives positive reviews. The game slot is available on any gaming platform, including mobile devices, such as a tablet or phone.

What do people ask about the Wild Trucks slot game?
❓ How many paylines have Wild Trucks video slot game?

In total, the slot offers 5 reels, on which there are 15 paylines.

❓ What is the Wild Trucks slot RTP?

Statistics show that the slot RTP is average, namely, it is 96.7%.

❓ What is the bet limits of Wild Trucks slot game?

The minimum bet is 0.15€;

The maximum bet is 3000€.

❓ What are the special features of the Wild Trucks slot machine?
  • Wild symbols;
  • Free Spins feature;
  • Jackpots.

More about all of these in this Wild Trucks slot review.

❓ Is the Wild Trucks slot game has Free Spins feature?

Yes! You can get up to 75 Free Spins.

The game itself is a progressive jackpot and is made in the style of night racing. This slot will definitely appeal to those who liked at least one Fast and the Furious movie. This is a completely newfangled video slot, made in excellent quality and high graphics. In addition to excellent quality, the game will delight you with its custom character design and a large number of bonuses.

Slot games iconGame Mechanics

This slot from the Habanero provider is considered the most victorious one since this is where there are great chances of winning thanks to the symbol issuing system.

Wild Trucks slot game Gameplay Win

By betting on this slot, the player will receive several coins that can be spent during the game. Given that the slot offers a large number of paylines, you can bet coins on any of them. It is worth noting that since this is a progressive slot, try the game for a week in the demo mode, which means the game is just for fun, without making bets in real currency.

In total, the slot offers 5 reels, on which there are 15 paylines.

The gain will depend on what color the characters appear on the interface. In total, the slot mainly has blue, red, yellow, purple, or orange. If a player has three symbols with the image of trucks on the interface, then the slot will please him with Free Spins, or other bonuses. Each color will bring its own bonus. Yellow – give 12 Free Games. Gold Trucks Rush 20 Gaming Games. Red – 25 Free Spins. Orange – 12 Free Games. It’s very difficult to get all the symbols of the same color twice in a row, but everything is real in this slot.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

The coolest and most prestigious symbols in the slot are trucks that fall in certain colors, and each color gives the player a bonus. All the symbols in the game look as follows: here a speed switch in the form of a skull, a cap, engine gas, bones, and a wheel on fire can fall out. Symbols in the form of trucks are not just pictures – they are symbols that compete with each other for the main prize in the form of a Wild symbol.

Unfortunately, there are no symbols such as Scatters and Multiplayer in the slot. Although there is a player who collects several identical symbols on the interface, namely more than three, then he will be able to get a special multiplayer that will double his score. Although this slot is considered progressive, it is here that it is most likely to get a win by making only one bet, or by using Free Spins. If a player collects more than a few identical symbols and get a Wild symbol, then he will be able to get Bonus Mega-Rare 75 Free Spins.

Wild Trucks slot game Wild reel

Free Spins feature

In order to get Free Spins, the player will need to collect more than three identical in color symbols in the form of trucks. It also depends not only on the color of the collected symbols but also on the payline on which the combination is collected. The most interesting thing starts if the player is able to collect the same characters. Then, having received Free Spins for the game, all the characters that will appear on the interface will change animation will appear on the screen.

This game is considered the most winning, for the reason that it is here that a player can get a record number of Free Spins. And winning combinations fall out quite often. And another nice plus will be how the animation interacts with the winning combinations on the interface.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

An interesting fact about the game is that if the player manages to fill the bar at the top of the interface, then he will be able to get an additional reel, on which symbols will also appear later. In order to fill this empty line on the reels of the slot, it is necessary that three characters in the form of trucks fall out 4 times. The advantage of the additional reel will be that it is here that a player can get a Wild symbol. Without it, this extra bonus symbol is not available. Bonus games and Free Spins may appear in the player if the gambler collects only a few characters in the form of cargo cars. What kind of prize will receive depends on the color.

And the most important thing, of course, is that the slot is progressive, which means that winnings can be won much more than you can get with any other classic slot.

Wild Trucks slot game Big Win

And another thing that players should know is that the slot offers an autoplay function that plays for the player when you need to use Free Spins. Just sins and watch how you get extra bonuses, and your winnings double and triple.

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

And again, since this Habanero slot is progressive, the wins in this slot are the highest and most profitable. More profitable than in other games. Nonetheless, statistics show that the slot RTP is average, namely it is 96.7%. This slot is considered the best in order to withdraw money from it. The minimum bet that can be made in the game is 0.15€. And the maximum bid is 3000€ at the same time, the money bet on the slot itself can be made in an unlimited amount, only the number of coins will vary. A mega Wild symbol can fall out if the player opens the fifth wheel on the slot interface. Typically, this slot can multiply the initial bet from x70 to x150. For a hundred percent win, you need to make at once several bets in coins on several payment lines.

And of course, do not forget that this is still a progressive slot in which you can hit the jackpot, and not just multiply your initial bet.

Slot games iconConclusion

Wild Trucks slot is considered one of the best slots of this developer, thanks to its excellent graphics, entertaining design, as well as high chances to win. And the theme of high-speed driving and racing will not leave indifferent even the most demanding player.

Wild Trucks slot game High Win Symbols

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