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At the beginning of 2018, several companies released online gambling games about alchemists. In March, the popular trend was picked up by Play’n GO. The famous developer has presented the Sweet Alchemy model about a cute girl casting a spell over sweets.

What do people ask about the Sweet Alchemy video slot?
❓ How many paylines have Sweet Alchemy online slot?

The symbols in the slot machine are arranged according to a 5 by 5 scheme, and there are no game lines at all – cluster payments do not imply lines, and in this case the combinations are counted for four or more identical symbols placed nearby.

❓ What is the Sweet Alchemy RTP?

The slot machine’s theoretical payout percentage (RTP) is 96.52%.

❓ What is Sweet Alchemy slot volatility level?

The volatility of this slot game is rated as high level.

❓ What is the bet limits of Sweet Alchemy casino game?

The range of bets ranges from 10 cents to 100 euros per spin.

❓ What is the maximum win on Sweet Alchemy Play n GO slot?

The Sweet Alchemy big win could be up to 3000x your bet!

❓ What are the special features of the Sweet Alchemy slot game?
  • Sugar Rush meter;
  • Mix the Elixir Free round;
  • Elixir of Power Bonus;
  • Map feature.

Find out all information about these special features in Sweet Alchemy slot review.

The novelty is crammed to overflowing with all kinds of bonuses and has a great design, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of testing Sweet Alchemy slot game DEMO above.

Sweet Alchemy slot game Gameplay WIN

Read the Sweet Alchemy by Play n GO slot reviewGame Mechanics

Launching the application sends the gambler to a magic laboratory. On the sides of the vat with the potion, next to which the sorceress is standing, are bingo cards. In total, the user is offered 4 game screens. To get a win, you need to paint over as many numbers as possible.

Bid options are configured in the bottom panel. Gamblers are offered:

  • Determine the value of the coin. You can set it from 0.05 euros.
  • Assign the number of credits for the next round. The minimum value starts from 1 chip.
  • Choose the number of active cards. It is not necessary to go all-in and play from 4 tables at once. Sweet Alchemy Bingo is limited to 2 cards.

The balls appear under a vat with a magic potion and accumulate in a special niche. The player can observe and analyze which numbers have already dropped out and which ones will have to wait. Sometimes it’s best to stop and try again, so you don’t lose too much.

Slot games iconSpecial Symbols

The developer adds two prize rounds to the bingo simulator:

  • A multiplier of several thousand. If the numbers on the card line up around the perimeter and form a frame, the emulator will increase the rate by x6625.
  • Treasure Chest. To get a multiplier of x5000, you need to collect one of the cards for 30 balls.

Sweet Alchemy Bingo is developed on a modern HTML5 engine and therefore runs on any mobile device. Find out more about TOP mobile casinos here.

There are no jokers on the start screen. They connect one after the other as the Sugar Rush Meter fills up.

When you start the game, animated instruction starts automatically, teaching the basic rules and capabilities. It demonstrates the principles of calculating payments, the scheme for launching bonus functions, and other model characteristics. You can disable it using the Exit button in the upper right corner.

Sweet Alchemy slot game Mixed Candy feature

The interface contains the following elements:

  • Continue – close the start screen saver
  • I – table and rules
  • Balance – money in the account
  • Bet – panel for choosing a bet
  • ? – reference
  • Win – win for a spin

The round start buttons are on the right. Above them are the Sugar Rush Meter and the main character of the game.

The current combinations are shown on the board on the left.

The rules are easily explained in the table and the reference section.

In Sweet Alchemy, you can adjust the parameters of sound, gameplay speed, autoplay, and so on. There is no need to download a video slot.

Slot games iconWhat makes this game special?

Let’s consider the special features of the Sweet Alchemy video game.

All icons that form a prize combination are removed from the screen. The vacated cells are filled with new pictures. Each successful combination is added to the Calorie Counter on the left side of the monitor.

A sequence of six identical icons results in two Wilds. When 13 identical symbols are dropped, two striped candies will appear. These special characters delete all images on the drum. The disappeared signs replenish the Calorie Counter. For 25 pictures of one type, two Wilds covered with glaze are required. All images of the same type will disappear from the playing field. The picture is selected at random. When the Calorie Counter is full, the free spins round is activated. Prepare an Elixir.

Free spins

Free spins are activated when 38 identical symbols appear. The round takes place on a 9×9 field. After receiving the winning combination, the main character launches the Candy Spell. The first version of the spell is Assorted. The symbols on the playing field are shuffled, and you get additional prize combinations. Candy surprise – 7–12 Wilds appear randomly. Sugar bombs – 7-15 exploding signs.

Sweet Alchemy slot game 4 Candy Spells earned

Elixir of Strength Bonus

On a separate field, you have to unfold the chocolate bars. Find three identical elixir pictures and get from 5 to 10 bets. You can collect a collection of profitable symbols on the treasure map. Choosing a chest will give you 15% of all winnings. Sweet Alchemy lacks a progressive jackpot.

The Sweet Alchemy slot machine tells about a cute sorceress who commands sweet treats. Like other cluster games of the manufacturer, this slot is equipped with a special counter that counts all winning combinations within one spin, here it is called Sugar Rush Meter.

The symbols in the slot machine are arranged according to a 5 by 5 scheme, and there are no game lines at all – cluster payments do not imply lines, and in this case the combinations are counted for four or more identical symbols placed nearby. When the winnings fill the Sugar Rush Meter, the playing field increases to a 9×9 pattern.

Sweet Alchemy casino slot game PayTable

Slot games iconBetting limits and Winning

In terms of the number of bets, the range of bets ranges from 10 cents to 100 euros per spin. Compatible with any environment, the slot machine focuses on a fun and engaging theme suitable for all players. The work starts thanks to a waterfall system reminiscent of the one-armed bandits of yesteryear immediately. Among the icons are:

  • Lozenges;
  • Nuts;
  • Stars;
  • Cubes.

The machine is based on a specific development strategy that implements several levels of achievement and various goals. The game supports a theme that all Internet users should like. Everything is blended with breathtaking graphics and live sound animations.

Sweet Alchemy Bingo has higher potential. Up to 6.625x can be won during one of the bonus rounds. It is activated when the winning numbers line up on your card around the perimeter, forming a frame.

A bonus game with a card with random rewards, a choice of “online slots” with prizes and many additional options such as free spins, multipliers and three types of wilds make the game fun and profitable. At each new game stage, the game offers a “hint”, explaining a new feature or option. The slot machine’s theoretical payout percentage (RTP) is 96.52%.

Sweet Alchemy slot game Big Win

Slot games iconConclusion

At the end of Sweet Alchemy slot review, let’s highlight the key advantages and disadvantages:

  • Pros: unique gameplay features, numerous bonuses of different types, spectacular animation, bright design, user-friendly interface, various settings;
  • Cons: complicated rules.

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